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Do hair skin and nail pills work?

According to a few reviews of the GNC hair, skin and nails pill, the medicine does work! A proper diet and exercise always aid healthy growth! , beautiful! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Breast Lifts Dangerous Reply:

    […] for this exercise a woman should cross her arms over each other and cup the bottom of each breast with her […]

  2. Yukiko Reply:

    Do Vitamins for Hair, Nails and Skin Really Work?. Taking vitamins to improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails has been effective for individuals who lack Detail:

  3. Chaya Reply:

    I take 400mcg a day! YES it does work!! Every month you build up the dosage. First month, one pill, second two, etc. The most I personally would take is four, but you can take more if you’d like. They are water soluble so you can’t over dos

  4. Bruna Reply:

    Hair, skin and nail pills are vitamin supplements to help skin smoothness, prevent wrinkles, and promote hair and nail growth. More:

  5. Tristan Reply:

    They give your body the extra vitamins and extra nutrients it needs. That helps boost hair and nail growth and your skin will have less break outs. More:

  6. Margarette Reply:

    does skin hair and nails vitamins effect the contreceptive pill More:

  7. Beverly Reply:

    If I take two hair, skin, and nail pills a day will it make my hair a month? I am desperate for LONG grow one inch or more beautiful hair! How much will it grow if I take two

  8. Mao Reply:

    Yes they do! I was using GNCs hair skin and nails multivitamins for 2 months because i had really brittle nails that would never grow! they made my nails grow long and strong! i wasnt really paying attention to my hair, but i think it might have contributed to my hair being long now! BUT you cant really depend on a vitamin to give you the nutirents your body needs! you should be eating a well balanced diet as well as taking the pills! they are only SUPPLEMENTS, they wont give your body ALL of the vitamins and minerals it needs!

  9. Millicent Reply:

    ProCaps labs makes a great supplement called "Hair Skin and Nails" formula, but I do take an additional 2500 micrograms of Biotin for a daily total of 5000 the health of your hair is by taking supplements that work internally on the follicle

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