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Does vodka make you fat?

Only a small portion of vodka that is drank is converted into fat! It will not make you fat unless it is combined with a bad diet! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Britany Reply:

    How Does Alcohol Make You Bloat and Gain Weight?. Alcohol is not only high in calories (containing about seven calories per gram), it is also laden with Detail:

  2. Melody Reply:

    All alcohol makes you gain weight

  3. Keeley Reply:

    A shot of 80 proof vodka has 74 calories, and that’s about it…So that’s the only thing that could make you fat! If you’re mixing or chasing it with something that is sugary or has a lot of cals, that could be part of the reason too. More:

  4. Lorie Reply:

    Vodka actually has 0 grams of fat and only 100 calories per 1.5 ounces consumed. More:

  5. Lucie Reply:

    Number of grams of Fat in Vodka (1. More:

  6. Ilene Reply:

    Can you make cheap rough vodka a bottle of Salisbury’s basics vodka, then I distilled and filtered into smooth tasteless vodka? For example if i brought it would it be smoothe

  7. Patrica Reply:

    Vodka alone will not make you fat!Alcohol is NOT processed into carbs and sugar within the human body! What a bunch of uneducated-riff raff on this site! Alcohol does contain 7 calories per gram! An fluid ounce is approximately 30 ml! There is approximately 2!133 calories per gram of alcohol! This then is 30ml X 2!133 = 64 calories per ounce of vodka! This is also the same for unsweetened or adulterated gin and tequila!Vodka 64 Kcal/fl oz and contains no carbohydrates which are the fat building blocks so no vodka is not fattening! However, the claories from the vodka and foods you eat may in total add toward weight gain!

  8. Janel Reply:

    Only if you have too much of it. Does alcohol make you fat? if you over indulge yes it will. beer has 100 + calories depending on the beer same for hard liqueur

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