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How can you get rid of extra skin on your stomach?

Focus on building muscle, because as you build more and more muscle, the tighter the loose skin is going to be! Get a necessary amount of protein implemented into your diet, because protein really feeds those muscles the fibers they need to grow! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sanda Reply:

    You can also get surgery done to remove the excess skin that has accumulated on your stomach and repair the muscles underneath that might be damaged. Detail:

  2. Juliann Reply:

    I’ve been doing the crunches and cardio to try to get rid of some of the fat that may still be on there, but I can tell by the shriveling and hanging look of it that it’s mostly skin. I’m only 22 so hopefully my age helps the skin adapt. Do

  3. Sarina Reply:

    Lots of skin massaging, lotions, and sit-ups all help firm the skin back up especially if you are young. More:

  4. Cleo Reply:

    Smart eating and regular exercise are the keys to a healthy lifestyle–and a healthy stomach. Both can be challenging, and neither lends itself to quick results; the outcome, however, will be a flatter, thinner stomach. While smart eating m… More:

  5. Michaele Reply:

    There is only so much you can do yourself to get rid of extra skin. You can use lotions that contain caffeine to help tighten the skin a bit. Coca butter lotion can help moisturize the skin. Beyond that and some time, you will have to see a… More:

  6. Ginger Reply:

    how do I get rid of of extra skin on my stomach. Theres so much i can the extra skin on my weight really fast thru diet stomach? i lost a lot of and exercise. now i have a LOT

  7. Margarete Reply:

    The key is to just take in more water! Drink more than 10 glasses a day, but spread out or else you will get a tummy ache! More water equals more urination, which equals more purity, which also equals less food intake, which equals less calories, which equals less fat, which equals being more healthy!! :) Hope that make sense, but it works for me!

  8. Ariane Reply:

    It wont burn the excess skin/fat of the stomach specifically, but it will tighten the in your stomach after having a baby considered fat and how do you get rid of it?

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