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What do centrum vitamins do?

Centrum is a vitamin and mineral supplement! It works by providing extra vitamins and minerals to the body when you do not get enough from your diet! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lacey Reply:

    You can alter your diet to get the additional nutrition or find a multi-vitamin. The label on Centrum Silver for Men cautions that too much vitamin A increases the Detail:

  2. Rosamond Reply:

    A new line of enhanced complete multivitamins that gives you all the benefits of Centrum plus additional . You can find our line at most major stores online.

  3. Dahlia Reply:

    Very little to none. You can’t get an entire days’ worth of nutrients and supplements from a tiny little pill. Vitamins and supplements DO help, but you should enrich your diet with plenty of greens, fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, … More:

  4. Kayla Reply:

    Centrum is a multivitamin which aims supplement dietary nutrition. It is probably one of the worst multivitamins as many of its ingredients are not in absorbable forms and some are toxic. As with most multivitamins, if you don’t have some k… More:

  5. Roberta Reply:

    Answer I would not know exactly where they are manufactured, But i can tell you that they are Synthetically Produced in a Factory or laboratory somewhere. More:

  6. Daniella Reply:

    I took one of my Dad’s vitamins today…What is the difference between Centrum and Centrum Silver?

  7. Jewell Reply:

    I dont think it would matter which Centrum you took, they would all be safe for you, certain ones have more of a certain vitamin for older people or women, or men!!!!!but I asked the same question to my friendly pharmacist because I was looking for a multivitamin for my son (13) to start taking!!!!he said when he was a teen his mom gave him Centrum, just the regular one, no specific subtitle, or the store brand and those are absolutely fine for teenagers! I bought my son the store brand because of course I always buy store brand, and he takes one every day! There have been no side effects or anything!Hope this helps!Jodie

  8. Jeanette Reply:

    I looked over their supplement facts, and No, centrum does not chelate their vitamins and minerals. Chelation of individual nutrients is rather expensive, so most

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