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Which is better for you powerade or gatorade?

For some one on a low sodium diet, PowerAde is a better choice! anytime! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Katherine Reply:


  2. Raymonde Reply:

    In 1988, Coca Cola released Powerade to compete with Gatorade. If you exercise hard for more than 90 minutes, then Gatorade and Powerade are one way Detail:

  3. Nila Reply:

    For some one on a low sodium diet, PowerAde is a better choice.

  4. Rebekah Reply:

    Scientifically speaking, both are about equal. But from a personal standpoint I prefer Gatorade, I feel it rehydrates me better. More:

  5. Honey Reply:

    Viewed scientifically, the differences between Gatorade & Powerade are small, with neither beverage appearing superior. More:

  6. Kathline Reply:

    What is better powerade or Gatorade Gatorade is better More:

  7. Mittie Reply:

    Gatorade propel water vs. Gatorade or Powerade? What are your thoughts? I typically mix Gatorade or Powerade half / half with cold water .. need some feedback on Gatorade prop

  8. Nickole Reply:

    Nutrilite Sports Drinks usually work for me! It has no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, and no high-fructose corn syrup! They have the same sodium-to-potassium ratio as Gatorade, and a better ratio than Powerade! Plus, Nutrilite has the same or less calories and sugar, and it’s the only one of these with antioxidant benefits!

  9. Audrie Reply:

    Gatorade has more flavors than powerade. Gatorade taste better and is much better for you. What is better powerade or Gatorade? What is better powerade or

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