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Why do i poop so much?

I could be diarrhea! It’s increase in frequency of stools compared to normal, or looser bowel movements than usual! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Maurine Reply:

    Cats are creatures of habit, and once your cat has started pooping outside the litter box it can be difficult to Something can be stressing your cat, so pay close attention to her behavior. Your cat may be responding to too much time alone. Detail:

  2. Myrtle Reply:

    You are just toting around a very efficient eating machine. That is – believe it or not – within the normal range of 2-3 times a day all the way to once a week. You may be eating a quantity more than you actually need, but you’re definitely

  3. Sharyl Reply:

    Because it comes from your but. More:

  4. Dianne Reply:

    Because it is….. 😛 More:

  5. Lanora Reply:

    the reason pooping is so releiving is because when it is in your colon it pushes on it and sooner or later your matabalisom catches up with you and a body can only withstand so much, when you get it out it is releiving because it is no long… More:

  6. Dora Reply:

    Would you sift through poop? Not baby poop, your own poop? in order to get your I did my business and the toilet this morning after wedding ring? I dropped my ring in it slipp

  7. Madlyn Reply:

    Thats not strange at all! Id say, most people enjoy that relief! Theres a reason laxatives sell so well in general! Louis Armstrong, for instance, went on a rampage promoting marijuana and laxatives! He was even famous for giving satchels of Swiss Kris Laxatives to the Royal family after his performance! Losing weight the Satchmo way! Youre right, though, it is odd that no one talks about it! After it all, it is the second best relieving feeling ever!

  8. Christen Reply:

    Why does a baby poop so much? Because it drinks so much milk or eats so much foodyou dumb sh!t. Why do cats poop so much? If you were stuck in a house

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