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Can a person die from eating poop?

You can definitely get sick from eating poop, even in minute quantities! You could die if you get a serious enough disease! Any Suggestions here?


  1. htdbd Reply:


  2. Asylum Annie Reply:

    I have eaten the poop from a few of my lady friends found it to be sexually arousing

  3. Letha Reply:

    They have no idea, nor can you explain to them that eating something they find on the ground may be dangerous. Many people whose dogs eat rocks have successfully altered or stopped this behavior . Why Do Dogs Eat Their Own Poop? Source:

  4. Shelley Reply:

    You can get sick from eating poop, even in minute quantities!If you can stomach it, the amount is as much as you can, you may die. Source:

  5. Daphne Reply:

    I would not prefer eating someones defecate. I would have to say i would eat a finger. Source:

  6. Wei Reply:

    The Spanish translation of the English phrase "eat poop and die" is "comer caca y mueren." Poop is an obscene term for feces. Source:

  7. Laree Reply:

    can i die from eating poop? well heres the story: i have a little cousin old. i am always asking my and he is two years aunt if i can change his diaper.iwhy youmay ask? well

  8. Luz Reply:

    Your link doesnt work!1! Bettas SHOULD live between 3-5 years on average! Anything less is usually because theyre being kept in inadequate conditions! Bettas at the store are usually already 8 months to a year old!2! They are prone to swimbladder disorders if theyre overfed dry food and prone to fin rot if their water quality slides! They also tail bite their own tails if their tank is too small and barren!3! Specially formulated Betta pellets are ideal, supplemented with live/frozen foods like bloodworm or brine shrimp (which are sea monkeys)! Starve them once a week to avoid overfeeding problems!4! Depends on your branch of Petsmart! Every one is different! If theyre kept in cups then theyre more likely to already be sickly than if theyre being kept in the proper filtered tanks!5! They need a heated tank, ideally set at around 78-80F! They are tropical fish and at their most active and healthiest when theyre warm!6! As I mentioned, this link doesnt work! But you mentioned in another Q that it was under 2 gallons! This is too small! Bettas are active and curious and larger volumes mean the water quality is more stable! FYI this tank size is why your Goldfish died, Goldfish need more like 20 gallons, over filtered! I would recommend no smaller than 5 gallons for a Betta!7! Regular partial water changes and gravel vacs by you are the best way to maintain water quality! That and a fully cycled filter!8! I like them as they have very strong personalities and are very reactive to the goings on outside their tank! This is my boy Damien (in an 8 gallon tank)http://www!youtube!com/watch??v=exYLfFrSYWM

  9. Iesha Reply:

    Can you die from eating someone elses poop? Improve Can dogs die for eating poop? no they can not my Can you die of eating dog poop? No, but it's still

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