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Can you die from having bad teeth?

Not directly but bad teeth and gums have been linked to heart disease! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Indira Reply:

    As with any type of decay, a mouth that has decaying teeth in it will smell bad. When you smell something really bad in your house you look for a dead mouse or Source:

  2. Theresa Reply:

    Can you die from rotting teeth? And also, it keeps from having so much stuff building up in your system. And honestly, My grandfather had a

  3. Harmony Reply:

    1 Find a smile that works for you . Try to smile with your mouth closed. It might sound silly but practice in the mirror. You can also learn to smile with your eyes. 2 Try to improve your physical smile . See what a dentist can do for you. … Source:

  4. Camie Reply:

    If eyes are the windows to the soul, your smile is the window to your personality. Here’s how to deal with having a less than stellar set of teeth, even if they are really bad. Source:

  5. Latasha Reply:

    British people don’t actually have bad teeth. Their oral hygiene is comparable to that of Americans. The only difference is the Americans spend millions more dollars each year on cosmetic dentistry such as whitening and veneers. Source:

  6. Shirl Reply:

    Why do bad teeth cause problems in the body ?

  7. Scarlett Reply:

    You cannot die from a tooth infection! What you can die of is bacteria from the infection reaching your heart and causing problems with a heart valve! For this reason, take antibiotic medication prescribed by your dentist before any dental work, particularly dental cleaning!Its certainly possible to break a tooth all the way down to the nerve!

  8. Clarine Reply:

    People can die from dental infections. Click Here Can you answer these Dental Health questions? Is it bad if you are 12 and still have baby teeth? I'm 12

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