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Can you die from syphilis?

Late stage syphilis may occur if a person has been infected for a very long time! At this stage, a person who has not been treated may have damage to themselves! People can also become mentally ill, go blind, get heart disease and even die! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Le Reply:

    Congenital syphilis can be disabling and life threatening for your baby if the infants infected with the disease in their mother's womb can die in utero or after birth. If you have been diagnosed with syphilis, or if your infant screens positive for Source:

  2. Eleanora Reply:

    Not medical advice: Yes. The late stages of syphilis may be serious enough to be fatal. Ask us!

  3. Cortney Reply:

    Al Capone died of complications of Syphilis. He died at a house in Palm Island, Fla. in 1947. Source:

  4. Alexis Reply:

    Taylor and George Washington were rumored to have died of syphilis, but neither case was proven. Source:

  5. Jacki Reply:

    King Henry VIII King Edward VI Source:

  6. Noella Reply:

    I went to ER and received a tetanus shot, and blood work was drawn. but that was done within from myself and the pt 30 min. of the needle stick. What else should I do?

  7. Loren Reply:

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  8. Renee Reply:

    Improve. In: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Syphilis categories] How do you control hiv aids? Answer it How long can you be anorexic before you die?

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