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Could a high protein count in the blood be cancer?

High blood protein can be a warning sign of chronic inflammation or infection! High blood protein levels have also been linked to certain bone marrow diseases! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Maisha Reply:

    Bone marrow is the material found on the inside of the bone and is where all blood cells originate. Sometimes high protein levels can indicate cancer such as Source:

  2. Blossom Reply:

    Pancreatic Cancer Slideshow Pictures Pancreatic Cancer Slideshow Pictures Boney destruction is often associated with high levels of blood calcium ( hypercalcemia.) The extra protein can lodge in the kidneys and obstruct blood flow.

  3. Tillie Reply:

    If white blood cell count is higher than normal, may be an infection or inflammation. It can also be a reaction to medication. Source:

  4. Gregoria Reply:

    This is a difficult question to answer. Any type of infection can caue the above symptoms. Anything from mononucleosis, malaria, lymphoma, strep, etc. the list is virtually endless. A GOOD history and physical exam by an experienced doctor … Source:

  5. Stefany Reply:

    Everything does but are you sure you want to believe this? You will be haunted in 3 days if you breathe. Source:

  6. Lacie Reply:

    I have a high red blood cell count, high protein, high iron, what could be causing that?

  7. Jerlene Reply:

    Who mentioned cancer! A high white blood cell count means infection! The blood in urine and the protein could mean anything!!!!!!not just cancer! Its hard to believe someone in the medical profession would make such a statement without any medical proof to back it up!P! S! No one on this site is a Doctor!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Valerie Reply:

    Damage or inflammation of tissues can also lead to a high neutrophil count. with edema (a type of swelling), and/or abnormal amounts of protein in the urine ( pee). A high neutrophil count can be caused by cancer spreading in the body.

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