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Do they run STD tests when you donate blood?

The screening includes testing for diseases that can be transmitted by a blood transfusion, including HIV and viral hepatitis! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Online Chlamydia Test Lloyds Reply:

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  2. Risa Reply:

    Find out if you have Diabetes, STD's, Anemia, Leukemia or other diseases without insurance Donating blood is another way to get blood results except this one won't give you full nutrition results. They will test for HIV, Hepatitis, and you can even find out your blood type. What Tests Are Run on Blood at Blood Banks? Source:

  3. Nida Reply:

    When you donate blood there are a series of steps you go through. First you are asked for a picture ID, I’m not sure why that is, it just is. Then you will

  4. Abbie Reply:

    Yes, when you donate plasma or blood, the donor center needs to make sure it is healthy and will not infect the person getting it. Source:'s

  5. Thuy Reply:

    When you donate blood, they don’t neccesarily test it for your knowledge (such as pregnancy) but they do screen for std’s and other blood-borne diseases to protect the recepients. From what I’ve heard, the only major problem with this is te… Source:'s_pregnancy_anything_like_that

  6. Dale Reply:

    STDs such as HIV and AIDS are tested for in blood. Diseases are tested as well. Source:

  7. Jacquelyne Reply:

    hi woulkd like to know if blood banks test for hiv if blood banks in india and other STD’s when ppl donate blood ? i would like to know test the blood given the donors for STD

  8. Anisa Reply:

    of course they do, with all the viruses and diseases out there they have to! You can get all those through tainted blood! You cant even get a tattoo one year before you are going to donate blood! Have you ever heard of the Ryan White story?? If you didnt, a little boy contracted HIV from tainted donated blood in the 80s and sadly it advanced to full-blown AIDS and he passed away! Since then they are more than cautious! hope this helped =]

  9. Marlys Reply:

    What std's do they test you for when you donate blood? They test for HBV, HIV, Click to Play Prenatal Blood Test to Detect Down Syndrome? Play Click to Play

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