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Does sugar effect your heart?

Yes, sugar can increase the chances for a coronary heart disease! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kayleigh Reply:

    How Does Sugar Affect Your Heart Rate?. Your body uses the foods you eat as fuel. This food is converted to fuel in the form of glucose, which is a form of sugar. Source:

  2. Erinn Reply:

    Mar 9, 2011 Why Eating Sugar Raises Your Heart Rate. physiology involved in the metabolism of sugar suggest sugar can affect heart rate in the short,

  3. Hui Reply:

    At its worst, the effects of heart disease is death. Heart disease can effect the way you interact with your family because of an inability to participate in strenuous activities. Heart disease is reversable with changes in diet and exercis… Source:

  4. Bula Reply:

    Things that effect a heart rate may include but are not limited to love, stress, unhappiness and happiness. Your heart rate can be raised because due to physical activity or health conditions. Source:

  5. Lera Reply:

    Sugar can affect your health in the following ways: suppress the immune system, upset mineral balance, cause hyperactivity, anxiety and depression, increase triglycerides, cause drowsiness, raise cholesterol levels, cause hypoglycemia, caus… Source:

  6. Doris Reply:

    My breat test on road was & 41 my blood sugar wa 39 on macine 40 & 41 my blood sugar was alcohol count? My breat test on road 25.5. what effect of sugar on was 39 on macine 40

  7. Yevette Reply:

    Masturbation isnt bad for diabetics or potential diabetics! Diabetes is bad for masturbation and sex in general! Its not to do with sugar, but more to with the way that diabetes alters blood flow and circulation!One of the greatest contributors to getting diabetes is to be over weight! Overweight is often the common denominator in a family and not genetics! Genetics just gets blamed! Masturbation is exercise which turns out to be healthy!Hope that helps DudeMe! :- )

  8. Mitzi Reply:

    Yes, sugar does affect your heart rate because the sugar goes through your veins and into your blood, which affects your heart because blood keeps your heart

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