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How do I get rid of plaque build up?

Plaque buildup that has hardened on your teeth can lead to cavities and gum disease! One way of getting rid of it is by seeing your dentist or dental hygienist about removing tartar that already has formed from above and below the gum line! He or she may have to use a scraping instrument to loosen plaque and tartar deposits on the surfaces of the teeth! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Azucena Reply:

    How to Get Rid of Tartar. Tartar, or plaque buildup that has hardened on your teeth, can lead to cavities and gum disease. Tartar gives plaque a stickier surface Source:

  2. Hee Reply:

    If it is just food, then the little brush they gave you will work real well. You should use that brush or a small child size toothbrush everyday. Go around all your bracketts with it. If you dont clean around them well, whenever you get the

  3. Janey Reply:

    The large thick blood vessels that bring oxygen from your heart to all the vital organs in your body are called arteries. Normal, healthy arteries are elastic and flexible. When your arteries start to lose their elasticity and harden, it is… Source:

  4. Charissa Reply:

    Plaque forms on the heart’s arteries when there is an abundance of fat, cholesterol, calcium and a variety of other minerals in the blood system. As plaque begins to develop, it restricts the amount of blood that is able to flow through you… Source:

  5. Jennefer Reply:

    Plaque is the buildup of germs on your teeth. Although plaque is invisible, there is special chewing gum and mouthwash that can temporarily show where the plaque is on your teeth. It is important to get rid of plaque in order to prevent too… Source:

  6. Tracee Reply:

    Getting rid of plaque build up yesterday and I’ve noticed that on a few after braces? I got my braces off of my teeth there are some white circles (around where my braces were

  7. Arnita Reply:

    Some people, like you and me, just naturally form plaque more easily than others! As you have already discovered, brushing and flossing are important, but for some of us, its just not enough! It has to do with the chemistry of your saliva!Of course, you should be using an anti-plaque toothpaste, but even so there is not much you can do to keep it from forming! All you can hope for is to slow it down some! Getting rid of it requires a professional cleaning from a hygienist! And for people like us, it is probably necessary to get a professional cleaning every 4 months rather than the usual 3 month interval!BTW, I think flossing 3 times a day is actually doing more harm than good! If you floss excessively, you risk damaging your gums! It is better to floss just once a day (or maybe twice), but make sure you are doing it right! Use the floss back and forth, starting at the gum line and moving out! Bend it slightly around the tooth as you work back and forth! Then do the same thing, but bend the floss slightly around the other tooth! After you have done both sides, move on to the next space!Bottom line: keep those hygienist appointments regularly! Good luck!

  8. Deedee Reply:

    Anyway, after looking it all up THE ONLY WAY to rid it is to go to a dentist whom White patches on your teeth come from to much plaque that build up from over

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