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How do you get protein out of your urine?

A reduced protein intake is safe and effective in slowing the progression of kidney disease! And because plant-based and egg-!!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Isobel Reply:

    The kidneys normally filter excess protein out of the blood stream. Before treating the blood in your urine, your doctor will test and treat you for high blood Source:

  2. Laronda Reply:

    Protein in the urine indicates stress on the kidneys. Could be from something minor like dehydration. The advice about no exercise for now is good, but also drink lots of water to really hydrate yourself. Try to avoid caffeine and sugary dr

  3. Otilia Reply:

    Protein does occur naturally in the urine of humans. This is normally no more than 150mg per day. I am assuming you mean >150mg of protein per day. If someone has more than 150mg of protein in their urine per day it can mean several things:… Source:

  4. Marion Reply:

    albuminuria Source:

  5. Toni Reply:

    Obtain a diagnosis: Proteinuria is often difficult to detect from its symptoms. When the amount of protein in urine is only slightly elevated, no symptoms may be displayed at all. With greater amounts of protein in urine, visible symptoms o… Source:

  6. Lennie Reply:

    I am 45 yoa, healthy, blood pressure normal.

  7. Evelyne Reply:

    Its a indication of poor kidney function, which might impact your ability to serve in the military! Normally, you should have zero protein in your urine! Hopefully it is a temporary issue that will be resolved by your next test!

  8. Sirena Reply:

    How long does librium take to get out of your urine? 10 minutes maybe. Can you take whey protein with methadone? yes, you can do anything with methadone.

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