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How does cancer relate to mitosis?

Mitosis: the division of cells as the body grows/heals! Cancer is essentially a disease of mitosis, since it creates defect cells! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Daisy Reply:

    There are several different ways that cancer can be managed or treated. Side effects of radiation therapy are related to the area treated; with most common effects being Why Are Cancer Patients Treated With Drugs That Kill Mitotic Cells? Source:

  2. Joel Reply:

    Mitosis is the process Cells go through to successfully replicate. Cancer could be defined as uncontrolled cellular replication. Cellular mechanisms have evolved to regulate mitosis. A loss or malfunction of these regulator mechanisms may s

  3. Mee Reply:

    Mitosis is the normal division of cells where cells divide into two identical cells. The cycle is actioned by proteins controlled by proto-oncogenes. Cell division has a checkpoint which prevents over production of cells. Oncogenes are muta… Source:

  4. Jule Reply:

    Cancer is a disease of mitosis which starts when a single cell is converted from a normal cell to a cancerous cell. Cancer cells do not abide by the normal control measures of mitosis and are able to proceed through interphase and the phase… Source:

  5. Leo Reply:

    Cancer is from bad cells of mitosis. Mitosis is a very important factor in cell dividing and control of how many cells are formed. A cancerous cell interrupts the process of mitosis. Source:

  6. Leona Reply:

    How does meiosis and mitosis relate, and one of the questions to reproduction? Im doing a Biology Worksheet is: “Explain how meiosis and mitosis relate to reproduction.” Pleas

  7. Loan Reply:

    Normal cells receive a signal at the end of mitosis to stop, that theyve reached the end of the cycle! Cancer cells, however, are mutated, and do not receive this signal! Therefore, they keep splitting and reproducing rapidly, forming more and more mutated cells in the body! The mutated cells keep reproducing and form tumors in and around the body – this is cancer!

  8. Lasonya Reply:

    Cancer cells do not abide by the normal control measures of mitosis and are Can you answer these Lungs questions? How is cancer related to mitosis?

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