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Is drinking blood bad for you?

Drinking too much blood can result in Iron overdose, (possibly) Toxic Porphyria, and bloody stools! Also, diseases like AIDS! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lani Reply:

    How Drinking Is Bad for High Blood Pressure. Blood pressure difficult if you drink heavily. Also, reducing how much you drink can help lower blood pressure. Source:

  2. Debera Reply:

    Drinking too much blood can result in Iron overdose, (possibly) Toxic Porphyria, and bloody stools. Also, diseases like AIDS.

  3. Nena Reply:

    Drinking in moderation is not bad for you or your health, in fact it can have many good effects on your body. Excessive drinking on the other hand can damage the liver and other internal organs, causing them to shut down and fail. Source:

  4. Tonita Reply:

    Energy drinks get a bad rep for their high caffiene and sugar content. Energy drink have been known to ramp up heart rates. If one was to drink too many, they could actually die. Source:

  5. Mallory Reply:

    Blood pressure measures the amount of force that blood flow is exerting on the walls of your arteries. Drinking can raise blood pressure because alcohol interferes with the flow of blood to and from the heart. Source:

  6. Eliz Reply:

    Is drinking while on blood thinners to inject myself with daily, and I’ve been given anti thrombosis shots a bad idea? I’ve just had a leg injury to prevent clots. I wanna go

  7. Katie Reply:

    I wouldnt recommend drinking any one elses blood for many reasons, but I dont think it could damage your health if the person was entirely and perfectly healthy!(I know you say youre not interested, but) if youre going to drink blood then it should be your own and even then thats still pretty odd!

  8. Kandy Reply:

    Drinking your own blood is very bad for you because your stomach acids can't break it down so it rots in the stomach and gives you stomache sores cousing you

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