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Is it bad to swallow puss that is in my gums?

The biggest problem is that the infection becomes something that effects your entire system! Dental infections have been linked to heart disease and stroke! Swallowing won’t necessarily make you sick, but an untreated infection will! Don’t forget to do the again! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Contessa Reply:

    How to Self Treat a Tooth Abscess. A tooth abscess is a pus filled bump that appears on your gums. These are caused by teeth that are rotten and decaying. Source:

  2. Celina Reply:

    Dec 7, 2007 Now I’m on amoxicillin because I found a pus bump in my gums, went a gagging sensation when I swallow, and my ear is hurting so bad and

  3. Jenny Reply:

    Not medical advice: Chewing gum is not digested if swallowed but, it isn’t harmful in small amounts. Source:

  4. Sanjuana Reply:

    Not MD adv: It will not hurt you to swallow gum. Gum cant be digested but will pass thru your system! Source:

  5. Corine Reply:

    Chewing gum is made up of the gum itself (called gum resin), preservatives, flavorings, and sweeteners. The human body…MORE? Source:

  6. Jannette Reply:

    can I get sick from swallowing needs a root canal. The tooth doesnt hurt but puss from gumsooth? I have a tooth that the gums around the tooth leaks puss. Which is making my

  7. Jennefer Reply:

    Get a second opinion from another dentist before doing anything drastic! Your dentist didnt notice this for years, do you really trust them to take care of your teeth now??Its better to be safe then sorry! I had one dentist eager to do work on me, a whole list of problems, I had a second opinion and found out I didnt have that many problems at all! I had another dentist who put a brace in my mouth as a kid and it just gave me numerous problems!Consult another dentist near you, if they verify that the tooth does indeed need dramatic fixing, go from there! Best of luck!

  8. Lili Reply:

    If the discharge turns yellow or green and smells bad, and is accompanied by severe redness and/or severe swelling, see a What will happen if you swallowed the barbell of your lip piercing? Is it normal for my new tongue piercing to bleed at night? Is it normal to have swollen gums during new tongue piercing?

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