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What are the symptoms of a bad liver?

The characteristic liver disease symptom or liver problem symptom which can be utilized in diagnosis is jaundice! A yellow!!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kiersten Reply:

    Bad Liver Symptoms. Your liver plays a vital role in your overall well being. It helps digest food and nutrients and filters your blood to remove medications, Source:

  2. Mica Reply:

    Jaundice occurs when the process by which the liver produces and excretes bile is compromised. A yellow pigment which is a MORE

  3. China Reply:

    The main signs and symptoms of liver problems include jaundice which is when the color turns yellow or orange. You may have dark colored urine, excessive thirst and have frequent urination. You may have bloating of the tummy, nausea and vom… Source:

  4. Takisha Reply:

    Some of the symptoms of a damaged liver may include high fevers, sweats and chills, an enlarged, painful, tender liver, loss of weight, and jaundice. Source:

  5. Magaret Reply:

    There are many symptoms of liver failure. They can include a loss of appetite, fatigue, diarrhea and nausea. As liver failure progresses, you will notice jaundice, a swollen abdomen and disorientation. Source:

  6. Lorenza Reply:

    how can you tell if your jaundice symptoms? ..or your pancrease?…getting checked out soon..but i wonder if anyone has liver might be bad besides had symptoms before being di

  7. Shanel Reply:

    Disclaimer I am not a MD and i am using easy as possible to understand terms One it is hard to answer you one I do not know your age or how long you have been drinking and how much! if you ar young and long have been drinking a short time your condition if it is from liver is more than likely NOT Alcohol relatedWhat other symptoms?? One thing I noticed when I interviewed alcohol abuse and dependent persons was jaundiced skin in other words your skin looks pale yellow due to your liver not metabolizing things correctly One easy way to see if your liver is not functioning Is a simple liver enzyme test ! it requires a blood sample and have two different labs do it even if you have to pay out of pocket, Diarrhea Is a commonm symptom of many things from undercooked meals improperly rised dishes soap residue can in some casue diarrhea! Stess frequently cuase it as does Iritalble bowl syndrome (IBS) If you have been drinking al ot rcently and have stopped you can have stomache and intestineal probles that casue diarrhea! it is very common! If you are having pain in your live as another person metion it is actually up closer to yopur right rib cage not down by your hips If your pain is in the lower abdomen and youi hove diarrhea I woil guess at a digestive tract problem Sich as diverticulitus (SP) it is very pan fulbut rarely requires suregy unless the affected area is large ! usualy a pain reliever such as Tylenol # 3 ,hydrocodomne with tylenol ! percocet ! Or ultram or ultracet ! If th pains extream and deblitating Go ot A ER ASAP a stonger med is needed ! and at that pint scans and ultrasound ] c done ! to see what is going on along with blood test and a medicaionlsuch as Morphine and regaln ! ! along with beinggiven Iv liquiids having loats of diarrhea is very dehydrating and that in it self is not good! Another thinll addction and alcoholism a disease they are maladative behaviors the thing people experince ar a result of injseting to much of thir drug of choice in somecases and or thier behavior ! just lie if you fall from slpping on ice a broknleg or arm for example might result but slpping on ice is not as disaese ! Or Most pople now lalbed as alcohol dependant or addcits are not ! not by a lng shot ! it is a soical construct that constantly changes anf has expanded over 100 + years addction was not discoved By AA and Bill Wilson ! 80 years ago ! In fact i urge you n ot ot go ot AA but seek oout ither s means to help yourself SMART Revovery , SOS, are just two ! Please read AA cult or Cure and addction is a choice ! While i do not agree with every thing in Addction isa choice ! it is a very god way to egin to lok at addcion! you can find theasebooks at Amazon copy and paste Cult or cure is availbe for free at http://www!morerevealed!com/books/coc/Please look though thelibrary ypou can down load all books for free http://www!morerevealed!com/library!jsp But before you jump to a conclusion that you have some liver disease Go o your MD be honest about ypour drinking do nor lie either way ! But that iswhre to start ! if you have been drinking heavily even for a short time and have abruptly toped go ot a ERR by cab nd be detoxed by medical professionals do not ever try it on your own it can befatal futr going ot meetinfgs can be dangerous uin itself as most of the members are either sentanced by vourts wherr it is legal it is not in 3 fedral court districts ! even ther most m,ebers are in one way or another ther not by thir frree wil but by som sort ocf coercion! so be careful if you do choose AA despite what ypou hear abut if you do not like one meeting findanothe do not ther is a reason you are uincomfortabl ypur insticts are not wrong ! leave ASAP ! it is not ingfact legal to coerce livr transplant paitnets into AA any more that hjas be sucessful fought in court ! anddecided against AA! based on the precedant that AA isa religion! So do not but iy ! it is a life oro deaty matter if yopu are in late orend stage liver faliuer if not y your liver like any other organ will repair itself itakes time eatingright not drinking tem oderating ! but yes it does heal itlslef ! tha is a medical fact !Oeven he brain to some degree heals itself ! But give your self a chancve check oput what is wrong with A MD not a meeting mertings do nmot cureanythng and are roving grounds for sexual predators ! Bootm line let real MDs figureout you condtionYou shoud stoop drinking and whne this is resolve learn to moderate yes it is possible But it soukd likeas oters have said a GI problem oh please ignore the milk thisle stuff ut is noit accpeted as safe or sound medical praciceandall herbal remedies have oiften seruiois sideefects they too are drugs ! spoto speak !Do not under anycuircumnstances drink mil thistle unlss you have taked to your Docotor and are not onany oter drugs ! herbal meds can oftn kill yopu fater than a imginary disease ever will

  8. Lashay Reply:

    Symptoms Bad achillies heel? "Brad Pitt" – wietsnowy. Liver cancer symptoms? Your liver has absolutely no pain receptors. You have absolutely no idea if you

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