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What can cause hardening of a female’s stomach?

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  1. Octavia Reply:

    Gas problems, accompanied by a bloated and hardened stomach, can be painful and Most occasional gas problems are caused by improper diet, stress or a gas problems. woman stomach image by Anatoly Tiplyashin from Source:

  2. Edra Reply:

    Sep 12, 2011 Hardening of the abdomen during the 21st week is quite common because Stomach viruses also can cause pregnant women to have watery

  3. Gayle Reply:

    No one knows the cause of bloat. There are many theories but nothing is certain. Your dog is in serious pain and needs to see a vet. Tell your parents it’s against the law to withold veterinary attention from a sick dog. Not to mention how … Source:

  4. Raylene Reply:

    This could be a result of many things, including diet and menstrual cycle. If the issue persists you should consult a physician. Source:

  5. Lieselotte Reply:

    When stimulated, the nerves send a message to the smooth muscle in that area to contract. When the muscle contracts, the etc Source:'s-nipple-to-harden

  6. Lan Reply:

    What is the process of case hardening in Metal & how the hardening depth is maintained?

  7. Tierra Reply:

    1! Do not use a scale to judge your progress! Get rid of the scale and get a large mirror instead! Get naked in front of the mirror and jump up and down! Anything that keeps jiggling after youve stopped jumping is fat! That is what you want to target!# 2! You may know this already but spot reducing or losing fat in just a certain area of your body is a myth and is impossible! You can tone the muscle in that area, but when you burn fat you burn it all over! For some guys the chest area is the most stubborn fat, but it can only be gotten rid of by sticking with the fat burning program!# 3! Diet alone will not burn fat, you can become fat on a very low calorie diet once your body adjusts its metabolism down to accommodate your lower fuel consumption! That will also weaken your ability to burn fat! # 4! Fat burning can only be accomplished by the combination of a healthy diet and cardio exercise with a little anaerobic (resistance training) exercise! # 5! A healthy diet consists of lots of vegetables, some nuts, moderate fruits, moderate meats and fish, less bread, less starches like pasta and potatoes, lots of water, no sugar or soft drinks or caffeine! I find it easy to get my vegetables these days because all I have to do is buy a bunch of like frozen broccoli or asparagus in the bags and when Im ready to eat I poke 2 holes in the top with a knife and put it in the microwave for 7 minutes! When its done I just dump it on a plate, add olive oil and garlic powder, maybe a little salt and its awesome! # 6! Another myth is that fat is the enemy, this is not true! Fat is needed to burn fat stores in our bodies! Do not try to eat a low fat diet, just eat normal healthy meats and fish and you will get the normal amount required! Do not eat hamburgers and expect that is healthy, the meat is not and the bread is not! # 7! Find cardio work that you like or at least can tolerate! I like to walk, jog, run track occasionally, swim every once in a while! But the key is that you have to keep doing it to raise your metabolism naturally! If you keep doing it you metabolism will get faster and faster and you will be able to eat more of the not so healthy stuff without putting weight back on! But by then you may not want to!I had the thigh rubbing problem too! A D Ointment really helps heal it if you put it on at night or wear it under some boxer briefs! Its not that uncommon really!Email me if you want more information

  8. Larita Reply:

    nothing will lessen the hardening of your stomach. accept you are pregnant. its only temporary. Some women can take up to 6-7 months to show, and there have been reported This can cause markings so usea lot of lotion during this time.

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