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What causes holes to form in your gums?

Gum Disease has these symptoms: Red, swollen gums # Bleeding after you floss or brush # Receding gums or noticing that you seem to see more of a tooth than you used to # Pus on the gums # Pain when you bite or chew # Loose teeth Any Suggestions here?


  1. Elease Reply:

    In addition to pain in the mouth, rotten teeth can also cause pain in the jaw, ears If left unattended too long, infection can set in, causing pus to form around the gums. can also cause bad breath and can cause you to have a bad taste in your mouth. Eventually, the entire decayed tooth may fall out, leaving a gaping hole Source:

  2. Joleen Reply:

    called dental caries, are holes in your teeth caused by the enamel Plaque begins to form 4–12 hours after you brush can lead to gingivitis (gum disease).

  3. Antoinette Reply:

    Well, to that question, there are multiple theories. The most commonly accepted of which goes a little like this. When a star reaches the end of its life (Colossal stars, roughly 3 or more times larger then our very own sun), and is on the … Source:

  4. Melaine Reply:

    Answer Sounds like black line stain – it is a pellicle stain caused by gram-positive bacteria on your teeth. It is common in women and children. A dental hygenist can help remove it, but sadly it is quite tenacious and will grow back rapidl… Source:

  5. Erica Reply:

    Sounds like a Sinus Trac. Which does not have anything to do with the sinus. But it is because there is an infection in the tooth. It looks like a little bump. But this is how the infection is trying to get out. Source:

  6. Vickie Reply:

    Painful weird holes in my gums and it looks like each? Lately I’ve noticed that my gums in been really swollen and painful the wisdom teeth area have. I looked in the mirror

  7. Denyse Reply:

    Probably not cancer;http://www!healthline!com/channel/oral-cancer!html

  8. Hope Reply:

    What can cause a hole in gum of your bottom front incisor? Answer do not usually mix. so when two different air masses meet a boundary forms between them.

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