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What could be wrong if my lower back hurts?

Pain arising from other organs may be felt in the back: appendicitis, aneurysms, kidney diseases, bladder infections!!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Retta Reply:

    A lower back injury can be debilitating and painstakingly slow to recover from. while playing sports or simply lifting something wrong, the pain can keep you from a lifestyle that you If you do not feel comfortable with the diagnosis- ask for a second opinion; after all, a back . How Often Should I Exercise My Lower Back? Source:

  2. Lester Reply:

    If it is located to the side of the spine, just above the hips it could be a kidney infection, you should check with your dr.

  3. Janine Reply:

    This can be your kidneys. Try drinking more water. Source:,-my-lower-back-hurts-off-to-the-left-side

  4. Valene Reply:

    Acute back pain, especially in the lower back, is a common ailment in adults. Usually the back pain is due to strained muscles and ligaments. Sometimes you will know the exact moment that you injure your back, while other times the pain wil… Source:

  5. Inge Reply:

    Your lower back could be hurting from your kidneys, if your not drinking enough water you could start to feel the effects. Back pain can also be caused by sleeping on a soft bed causing a curve in the back, lifting the wrong way or even sor… Source:

  6. Yun Reply:

    My lower back hurts with a dull pain but yet its right leg hurts like a very annoying and now my hamstring? pull, what could this be? I had fallen off a ladder back in July, I

  7. Joye Reply:

    I used to have a sore lower back, so instead of sleeping with my pillow under my head, i put it under my knees! This might sound weird but i wake up in the morning feeling great!

  8. Dorinda Reply:

    Well a lot of my patients had this, as well as myself, and it sure isn't much fun. If you What could be wrong when you have a sharp pain in your lower back?

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