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What diseases can chocolate cure?

Recent study has told that some antioxidants in dark chocolate actually increase "good" (HDL) cholesterol levels by as much as 10 percent! Oxidation is a process that leads to artery-clogging plaques! People take vitamins and anti oxidants to etc Any Suggestions here?


  1. Wynona Reply:

    If you have dangerously high blood pressure then this treatment may not be for you. White chocolate has no effect one way or the other, and milk chocolate can actually High blood pressure is a cardiovascular disease that does not always Source:

  2. Samara Reply:

    Aug 3, 2010 10 Illnesses You Can Cure or Prevent with Chocolate Liver disease patients can snack on chocolate because its antioxidant-rich compounds

  3. Bella Reply:

    Periodontal disease is an advance form of gum inflammation called gingivitis. Our mouth contains a lot of bacteria that react with food components such as sugar or starch to form sticky colorless film or plaque on our teeth. Brushing or flo… Source:

  4. Samira Reply:

    Experiments, by scientist, on human embryonic stem cells have only been conducted since 1998. The full extent of what stem cells can do has not been fully realized. There is hope that one day it can cure diabetes, paralysis, MS, ALS, and a … Source:

  5. Jettie Reply:

    If you have gum disease you need use mouth wash daily, brush your teeth, gum’s and tongue often, and watch your diet. Your Dentist can prescribe the best mouthwash to use daily. Taking vitamins will also be an added cure. Source:

  6. Lois Reply:

    Stem cell. cure all diseases and reproduce i ask what is worse the next generation of people diseases? I may seem to have to suffer with the same a lack of compassion but? cur

  7. Matilde Reply:

    I Love It!!! =)It made me laugh!!!it is so very true!Keep writing poems, im definitely going to read any others you have posted!LOVED IT!!!=)

  8. Rita Reply:

    Health > Conditions and Diseases > Cancer > Can dark chocolate cure cancer ? Dark chocolate, as well as other forms of cocoa, contains "flavonoids" (aka

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