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What does it mean if muscle twitches?

Common causes for muscle twitching are Benign twitches (not caused by disease or disorders) Often affecting the eyelids etc On! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Elvie Reply:

    Does it feel like you have limited motion and constricted flexibility? This could mean you have a pulled back muscle. The affected Newly injured muscles sometimes go into spasm when the muscle contracts in a violent manner. This type of Source:

  2. Janella Reply:

    Common causes for muscle twitching are Benign twitches (not caused by diseaseor disorders) Often affecting the eyelids, More?

  3. Ileen Reply:

    Some muscles twitch because of contractions in the area of the muscle. Other times they may twitch due to stress, caffeine, fatigue or strain. It is very common to have muscle twitch that you dont even know you have. But if twitches continu… Source:

  4. Lean Reply:

    Muscles usually twitch due to overuse and strain. Sometimes if you are driving a long distance, your eyes will twitch. Athletes have issues with legs twitching due to running, or lack of potassium. Source:

  5. Providencia Reply:

    Muscle twitches can be caused by exercising or Isometrics training. If you are talking about involuntary muscle twitching, than there are several causes such as Lime Disease, fatigue, dehydration, or Rabies, among others. You can find more … Source:

  6. Casandra Reply:

    Why do i have muscle wastage and muscle twitches? I have had a friend now for over 1 year and muscle twitches i fear, The symptoms are muscle wastage who has had this thing th

  7. Tisha Reply:

    Muscle twitching is very normal ! A lot of people do get it and it isnt something unusual or to worry about! It is called fasciculation and it occurs when an involuntary muscle contracts noticeably under the skin! Precisely it is known as benign fasciculation syndrome and virtually everyone will experience some episodes of it during their lifetime!It has a lot of causes, most of which are mild, meaning it isnt serious! * stimulants like caffeine (tea or coffee): these can cause it directly* fatigue* during a rest period after sustained stress (for example being tense or after workouts)* magnesium deficiency (not so common though)There are other other reasons, but these are for people who had serious brain injuries or other diseases! I hope this helped :)

  8. Olevia Reply:

    What does it mean if your neck muscles are tight? Could be a postural problem, Is heat or ice better to treat neck muscle spasms? a heat ice pack is so much

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