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What does it mean when your fingernails turn yellow?

When all of the nails turn yellow it can be a sign of lung disease or diabetes! This is also a sign of fungus or psoriasis! Any Suggestions here?


  1. latasha Reply:

    hi my finger nails turned yellow about 2 months ago I thought if I didn’t wear nail polish it would go away well it hasn’t it how ever dones go away when I don’t eat but once I eat its back and then I don’t eat for few hrs. and its gone again I don’t get it please help thank you

  2. Beverley Reply:

    How Can I Turn the Tips of My Nails White? What Does it Mean When the White Part on a Nail Turns Clear? Why Does Nail Polish Yellow My Nails? Source:

  3. Katheleen Reply:

    Does wearing too much nail polish really turn your nails yellow? i heard it was because it drys them out but do they really turn yellow? 4 years ago; Report Abuse · Rach ♥ I mean, bleach is a whitener, right? 4 years ago; Report Abuse

  4. Artie Reply:

    Yellow discoloration of the fingernails can be treated by soaking your fingernails in vinegar or lemon juice and warm water. Another solution is wiping down your nails with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Source:

  5. Ayesha Reply:

    First thought cigarettes, but it could be a fungal infection or maybe a sign of some medical problems with your liver or kidneys. Maybe you aren’t getting enough iron in your diet. It can even be a sign of diabetes. The doctor could run som… Source:

  6. Maryrose Reply:

    The causes of yellow fingernails could be due to a medical condition. Some of the disease are liver disease, diabetes, Kidney disease and lack of iron and zinc. Source:

  7. Ernestine Reply:

    Why are my fingernails so yellow? i know this sounds like. i dont smoke either… i was wondering if they a stupid question… my nails are really yellow r like this maybe bec

  8. Theola Reply:

    Lots of detail! Its really good! I was definitly into it! Nice start! I think my favorite part is where you describe the colors so well! Keep going! 😛

  9. Gillian Reply:

    What does it mean when your finger nails are yellow? Improve. In: Health If it does not turn normal color in a couple of days, see your Does it mean you

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