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What happens if you dont treat it?

For women, if left untreated, chlamydia infection can cause pelvic inflammatory disease which can lead to damage of the fallopian tubes or even cause infertility! Untreated chlamydia infection could also increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. donna Reply:

    Hi, I have what I think it’s called fungal infection on the side of my fingers. I’ve left them untreated for awhile now (because I left my cream in another town) can anything major happen to my health?

  2. Harriett Reply:

    What Happens If You Don't Treat Yeast Infections?. Yeast is a bacteria that's always present on human skin, especially near damp areas such as the mouth and Source:

  3. Donella Reply:

    Should people with high blood pressure take precautions when undergoing dental treatments? What Might Happen if You Don’t Treat a Tooth Abscess?

  4. Belinda Reply:

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  5. Leonie Reply:

    Yeast Infection Yeast is a bacteria that’s always present on human skin, especially near damp areas such as the mouth and vagina. A yeast infection (or yeast vaginitis) is what happens when the amount of yeast in the vagina rises relative t… Source:

  6. Melanie Reply:

    Although uncomfortable and itchy, if left untreated vaginal yeast infections will often clear up by themselves. This is most likely to happen when the vaginal pH is raised by the menstrual blood during menstruation. This higher pH kills the… Source:

  7. Isa Reply:

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  8. Collette Reply:

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  9. Lilian Reply:

    What happens when you treat a yeast infection? It gradually goes away. If you don't get rid of a yeast infection what happens? Then the yeast builds up and

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