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What happens when you drink a lot of lemon juice?

It could effect different people in different ways and possible cause an upset stomach if too much is consumed, but there are many benefits to drinking lemon juice! It aids in the prevention and curing of various disorders, diseases and viruses! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Allie Reply:

    We've been hearing a lot about the colon lately, namely its need to be cleansed. If you're trying to do an actual colon cleanse, prune juice isn't enough to rid this organ of toxins and waste. How to Cleanse the Colon With Lemon Water Source:

  2. Irina Reply:

    What damage can be done by drinking too much lemon juice? Does lime juice cause when you’ve had too much lemon juice to drink at one time. I don’t think anyone sucking on lemons. Eat away a lot of her tooth enamel.

  3. Vanesa Reply:

    Lemons are a considered a medicinal herb with delicious citrus fruit, whose properties and uses are broadly beneficial to the body’s health. After understanding some of the benefits of drinking lemon juice daily, it will be easy to see why … Source:

  4. Simone Reply:

    Drinking pickle juice can cause stomach pains, nausea and high blood pressure. It can also be used as a remedy to cure a hangover. Source:

  5. Rhiannon Reply:

    That is an old joke- they become a sourpuss. Source:

  6. Lettie Reply:

    Why do the United States Marines drink a lot of lemon juice in Boot camp? Does that give them that mean look?

  7. Kristle Reply:

    water H2O dihydrogen monoxideNaCl

  8. Mei Reply:

    However, there is no benefit to taking lemon juice alone without water. How drinking is good for you really i mean are there any good things to it? Is Drinking lot of water is good for health or not? What happens, though, is that many people tend to drink less than they should; thus the recommendation to drink plenty of

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