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What is wrong with me if one half of my face is falling asleep?

Facial numbness can be a sign of MS or a disease that has a tumor on a nerve! Your doctor should be able to determine what is causing your particular problem as he has access to your history and can use tests to rule out other possibilities! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Omega Reply:

    It's easy to fall asleep in a tanning bed. Let's face it. Lift your underarms for half the session to let color hit that part of your body. 6. Wiggle your toes if all else fails. The rule of thumb is, if you concentrate on keeping your toes moving, you'll Why Do Tanning Beds Make Me Orange? What Are the Effects of a Bad Bed ? Source:

  2. Fannie Reply:

    Oct 16, 2011 Paresthesia occurs when part of the body gets tingly or "falls asleep. water in my face and my elbow busted and bleeding and me freaking out. 15 and was in a really bad wreck with my mom (she was driving but we There’s no pain, even if i insert a needle, but i don’t see any changes in my skin color,

  3. Abbey Reply:

    Sometimes taking a sleeping pill can help to put you to sleep. Source:

  4. Ingrid Reply:

    Answer Please see your doctor about this because you could have a hiatus hernia (burning in the throat .. acids coming up into the throat.) Try sleeping propped up slightly on a couple of pillows and DON’T lay down flat! Get to the doctor t… Source:

  5. Earline Reply:

    They do because they are tired and they have no more energy left. Source:

  6. Ardella Reply:

    Does your baby always want to face while falling asleep? My four-month-old wants to put her hands have their hands on their in front of her face while she falls asleep. Even

  7. Zulma Reply:

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  8. Mellisa Reply:

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