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What kind of diseases do roach carry?

Cockroaches are known to carry diseases like dysentery, typhoid and poliomyelitis, as well as gastroenteritis! Thanks for asking ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tomika Reply:

    There are dozens of cockroach species, and they all can carry diseases and If you have a cockroach infestation, you have several options for getting rid of it. Body lice, head lice and pubic lice are the three types of lice that can infest Source:

  2. Waneta Reply:

    Hi, surprisingly cockroaches do not normally carry dieases. The horrible little (or big!) creatures do not spread disease by anything they carrythouigh they can spoil foodstuffs , they can make you sick when you see them, but disease? No

  3. Rema Reply:

    Not all prostitutes carry diseases at all and many are very careful and require condoms. The diseases are of course the same as the men gives them so it’s the most common ones in our society but most are curable; Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Geni… Source:

  4. Marge Reply:

    Cockroaches are popularly believed to be carriers of human diseases, although this has not been proved. Source:

  5. Sheron Reply:

    The main diseases transmitted are different forms of gastroenteritis including food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea. " Source(s): Source:

  6. Marth Reply:

    I was just reading an article for up to 16 days. I wanted to know what on the main yahoo page Switzerland about how paper money about a study done in can carry the flu virus

  7. Irena Reply:

    Cockroaches are known to carry diseases like dysentery, typhoid and poliomyelitis, as well as gastroenteritis!also, many humans are allergic to cockroach feces!try to read this site: http://www!planetcockroach!com/cockroach-disease!html

  8. Allen Reply:

    Some opossums can get metabolic bone disease, but it's not contagious. They can get rabies, but that's very rare – a dog or cat is more likely to get rabies than

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