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Why does my knee keep twitching?

There could be many reasons for the twitching! Your problem could be something transient but it could indicate onset of a disease! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Chan Reply:

    Muscle twitches are usually harmless, but can interfere with daily life or be a In order to treat and stop your muscle twitches, it's important to pinpoint what is causing the twitching. Why Do I Have Involuntary Muscle Twitches in My Left Arm? Source:

  2. Latonya Reply:

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  3. Pearlene Reply:

    Knee twitching could come from a nervous condition, arthritis, or muscle weakness. If symptoms become worse, see a doctor. Source:

  4. Cathern Reply:

    The first thing nearly any golf professional will say to a novice golfer is, "Keep your knees bent." Dozens of things are happening all at once during a golf swing, so it can be hard to keep concentration sometimes. One thing the golfer sho… Source:

  5. Joshua Reply:

    If your eye keeps twitching you may be sleep deprived. Try to get some good hours of sleep to see if the twitching stops. If it persists you may need to see a doctor. Source:

  6. Sandy Reply:

    Vein or artery twitching, numb knee and marfans syndrome? I am 18 nearly 19 i have had twitching that. For the last few months feels like it is in my veins or arteries.IN MY N

  7. Song Reply:

    The sensation of the knee giving out is usually because of a ligament injury! Check here!http://orthopedics!about!com/od/hipknee/g/instability!htm

  8. Nilda Reply:

    Anyway, I can crack my toes, ankles (on occasion) knees, knuckles, neck, now not to crack because i keep stopping and like a nervous twitch I forget and crack

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