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what are the ingredients in cigars

You may have similar questions as What Are Cigars Made of and What Are The Ingredients To A Cigar,or you may also seek several useful information about Are Cigars Addictive. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Cheap Cigars,too. Read more as following:

Cigars are mainly made of tobacco. The inside of a cigar is bunched up tobacco. The outside of the cigar is also tobacco, whole tobacco leaves to be exact.

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What are Cigars Made of?

Cigars are made from blends of tobacco. They are made up of 3 parts: wrapper, binder and filler. The wrapper is the part that gives the flavor to the cigar. It is sometimes soaked in different flavors of liquor…such as cognac…. More »

What are the ingredients to a cigar?

Tobacco and more tobacco Answer: A typical cigar is made up of three parts; the filler, binder and wrapper. The filler is bunched up tobacco that fills the cigar. The binder tobacco is wrapped around the filler to keep it nice and compact. The wrappe… More »

Are cigars addictive?

Cigars contain nicotine, the substance in tobacco that addicts people. Cigar smokers who inhale absorb nicotine through the lungs as quickly as cigarette smokers. For those who do not inhale, the nicotine absorbs more slowly through the lining of the… More »

What ingredients are in clipper cigars?

tabaccoL:)… More »

What are the non tobacco ingredients in cigars?

Paper/wood…. More »

What are the non tobacco ingredients in cigars?

Paper/wood…. More »

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  1. Rebecka says:

    I need to know all, and I mean ALL the ingredients in cigars.
    I also need to know the chemicals in them, too.

  2. Ralph says:

    I was just wondering what were the ingredients of a cuban cigar .

    Anything arificial in it ? is it worse then cig ?

  3. Iandro!d says:

    What makes an expensive cigar better than a cheap one? Whats the difference?

  4. Barbie says:

    Is there a place online where I can buy premium cigar ingredients in bulk to roll my own.

  5. Tejaswini says:

    They have a Candela Leaf Wrapper
    I need to know every last ingredient…whether it be what was put in to start with or that ingredient was formed after the aging process. All of them.

  6. Steve Angelillo says:

    I went with some friends to a hookah bar this past weekend. I did it for my first time. like ive never smoked or anything before. I was just wondering if it was better than smoking cigarettes or cigars. If you can get addicted. If it has any bad results or anything. thanks!

  7. Yung says:

    I’m looking into making my own cigar paper, but i don’t know the process, or the ingredients needed. Does anyone know anything about cigar paper creation?

  8. Leec says:

    recipes welcome too!
    ur fave out of the above?
    and ur fave ingredients to put in them?

  9. Marissa M says:

    hello I am wondering how many Kentucky tobacco plants leafs does it take to = a carton of cigars?

  10. Rebecca<3 says:

    What are some pros and cons of smoking marijuana?
    Is it worse than cigerrettes and cigars or just the same?
    What is the current price of marijuana per gram? per joint?


  11. Oddity says:

    I hear people use terms such as puff or draw and I’m clueless on what they are talking about. Can anyone shed some light on properley smoking a cigar?

  12. Rebbecca says:

    My boyfriend smokes them, like a pack every week or two and I don’t like him doing that at all. Are they as serious as cigarettes even though he doesn’t inhale, and what are their contents?

  13. Enid C says:

    I mean, ive been smoking cigars for the taste and i was wondering want ingredients are in them and what makes them different then cigarettes

  14. Christine Gray says:

    I like to smoke shisha more than cigar..
    but the shisha tobacco is too expensive for me
    so i decide to try make it by myself.
    can someone give me a recipe(Apple shisha)…

  15. Allyson C says:

    thank you

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