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How do you make yourself throw up blood?

I don’t think you can! You can make yourself throw up and if you have an eating disorder, it could have blood in the vomit! Thanks, ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Audria Reply:

    Throwing up is a great way to get out of just about anything. Whether At the right moment, excuse yourself somewhere private and make loud gagging noises . How to Make Fake Blood Squibs for Film, Television and Stage Productions Source:

  2. Shavon Reply:

    Just get ready to puke up blood, lose some teeth, have your hair fall out, and get really bad Okay, first of all, why do you want to make yourself throw up?

  3. Juan Reply:

    I know you really don’t want to throw up but sometimes we just know if we do it and get it over with, we will feel much better. It’s quite easy but a bit unpleasant. Head for the toilet bowl and kneel over it. Stick your index and middle fi… Source:

  4. Jason Reply:

    Most people will use their gag reflex to make themselves throw up. This can be done with your finger or a utensil to hit the gag point in your throat. In ancient Rome, they had ones carved from ivory to make themselves throw up so they coul… Source:

  5. Arlyne Reply:

    It is very easy to make yourself throw up. All you have to do is stick your finger down your throat. Sometimes, you have such a sour stomach, and you think if you could throw up you would feel so much better. Source:

  6. Claretha Reply:

    can an allergic reation make u not throwing up blood could throw up blood? started previcid(acid reflux med.) started just throwing up but this be an allergic reaction?

  7. Donya Reply:

    Now this is something that makes me sick, i dont know if itll work for you, but should something like this happen again, try it!One thing that makes me gag is brushing the back of my tongue! Take your toothbrush, and act like youre brushing your teeth, but just brush a little further back on your tongue and you should gag! Do it twice or so and itll make you gag! (If the ifnger thing didnt work then that might not do it)Another thing that makes me sick is the smell of the toilet! Get down on your knees and hug the kamode as if you are already throwing up! Take a deep breath (i know itll suck) and hopefully the smell will trigger something in your mind and remind you of a time you were sick before! Like, the smell will remind you of vomit and induce it! It wont smell like poop, i swear! itll just smell like sickness!I think I heard a spoonful of vinegar or salt makes you sick, but thats not safe and I wouldnt suggest it! Be safe sweets, good luck!

  8. Reanna Reply:

    Am I pregnant if I spit blood up? If you spit up blood you need medical treatment as soon as possible. What do you have if you make yourself throw-up?

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