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If someone has blood in their pee, what does that mean?

Strenuous exercise or aspirin can cause blood in urine! Urinary bleeding can also indicate a serious disorder! See your doc! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Bobbie Reply:

    When you go to the doctor with this pain, be prepared What Does it Mean If it Burns to Urinate? inform anyone you have had sexual contact with immediately if you are diagnosed. The disorder is most common in people in their 30s or 40s, according to What Does Blood in Your Stool Mean? Source:

  2. Lucrecia Reply:

    Dec 18, 2005 Bad things can cause blood in the urine off and on, so just because the blood went away does not mean everything is fine. In fact Sure, if there is an infection, and there’s no more blood after the They will stall, drag their feet, whine, try to come up with far-fetched excuses for the blood, and use their best

  3. Tonisha Reply:

    Hematuria (blood in the urine) isn’t normal & must be evaluated 100% of the time-could be an infection,kidney stone,cancer…more? Source:

  4. Joelle Reply:

    First, you need a blood pressure cuff and a stethescope to take someone’s pressure. You apply the cuff above the elbow area and place the stethescope to the pressure point inside the elbow joint. You will pump the cuff up to around 180 on t… Source:

  5. Fiona Reply:

    If you are throwing up blood you may have an ulcer. If there isn’t too much blood you may only have some torn tissue in your throat. If it is a good amount, you need to seek medical attention right away. Source:

  6. Adah Reply:

    I am 11 weeks pregnant, I went to pee and was pressure during the end there was red blood instead, what happend? I just had sex and of pee but no clots it didnt hurt but there

  7. Jessie Reply:

    You allowed a puppy to become pregnant on her first heat and now you cant afford to take her to the vet?? Irresponsible much?? A responsible owner would have had the pup to the vet for an emergency spay instead of allowing a puppy to whelp puppies! If you have no money for vet fees you should have thought of that before you allowed her to become pregnant! I guess you didnt take her and her newborn pups to the vet for a health check within 24 hours of the whelping either!Find the money to take the puppy to the vet! She should not be passing blood in her urine and needs to be seen by the vet! She probably has a painful urinary tract infection!!!and they are painful! To answer your question! NO, it is no ok and you know very well it isnt ok!Shes probably gassy and uncomfortable due to whatever shes being fed!

  8. Sibyl Reply:

    When there is blood in the urine of a male or female, it most often indicates a bladder or kidney infection. Blood is one of the more severe signs. You'll need to

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