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What can I drink or eat that will make me throw up?

You can always drink spoiled/rotten milk to make yourself throw up!If you have a eating disorder,please seek help! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Teofila Reply:

    This article will give you tips on how to drink safe so that you do not become a get a ride with a designated driver, arrange to call someone to pick you up. . hey, i've had bad tequila night too. can't even smell it with out getting funny feeling in my stomach. couldn't eat How to Get Skinny Without Starving or Throwing Up Source:

  2. Cari Reply:

    Water for drinking Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast for eating (aka BRAT diet) good for bad stomachs! Hope you feel better soon! You may throw up more before it’s over, but keep drinking water, and trying to eat. In my opinion, it hurts mor

  3. Holley Reply:

    If you are planning to go out and drink, you need to eat a good meal before you start. Do not eat greasy or fatty foods. Eat a meal such as grilled chicken, pasta, and breadsticks. These types of foods will absorb the alcohol. Source:

  4. Marline Reply:

    Cats will sometimes eat grass on purpose to make themselves throw up. If they are feeling sick or have a tummy ache, the grass helps them throw up hairballs and/or poisons. Source:

  5. Rhona Reply:

    Dogs do tend to eat grass when they have an upset stomach and throwing helps get rid of the upset, but some dogs just eat grass because they like it. Yum! Source:

  6. Pearl Reply:

    Anything I drink or eat.. I throw up. Help me please!? Its not constant throwing up but even if I take a few small sips of water (which I feel VERY dehydrated) it gets thrown

  7. Denese Reply:

    sounds to me like indigestion and a touch of foodpoisonning from the food staying in your stomoch too long! Drink lots of water and try a litte bite of catnip! If you dont feel better in 36 hours you got something more serious and need to see a Dr! Md!

  8. Ehtel Reply:

    The vomit will come up a lot easier if you drink some water before attempting to vomit. Click on the related Question below 'How can you get help for an eating It didn't make me lose weight or be happy- just the opposite, I got fatter and feel

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