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What could a muscle spasm in your stomach mean?

Muscle spasms may occur at top of the stomach (esophageal spasms) or lower in the stomach, which may be caused by personal behaviors, bowel disorders, ulcers & dehydration! Other causes include infections, constipation, exercise & food allergies! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Audry Reply:

    i have stomach spasm it sometimes feel like ulcers or hertburn,in the lower stomach am having cramps my gp said to have bladder infection i have completed the treatment but nothing have changed. so do stomach spasm stop periods?

  2. Ray Reply:

    If your cramps persist for more than an hour, seek medical advice. Muscle cramps are usually no big deal, but persistent abdominal pain can mean something is Source:

  3. Renita Reply:

    Aug 29, 2007 I’m 7 weeks pregnant and i have been experiencing what i can best describe as muscle spasms in my abdomen. Is that normal?

  4. Cara Reply:

    Throat spasm. This is sometimes a symptomatic characteristic of an allergic reaction to some food-stuffs,can also be prevalent in the event of a stroke and/or panic attacks. It can also indicate asthma. Or the more serious conditions called… Source:

  5. Rossie Reply:

    Several options can be considered. The first can be any electrolyte abnormality which can lead to muscle spasms or twitching. MORE Source:

  6. Li Reply:

    Muscle spasms in the stomach can range from annoying and uncomfortable to debilitating with intense pain. People who suffer from muscle spasms of the stomach can usually reduce their symptoms with changes in diet and lifestyle, although med… Source:

  7. Joni Reply:

    My cat’s back, and side of her stomach. ? Should i be worried? and take her to the some type of muscle spasm looks like it is having vet immediately?

  8. Earlie Reply:

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  9. Gala Reply:

    What does a muscle spasm and pain in lower right abdomen mean? Answer It! What does it mean when you have pain in your right abdomen? It means you

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