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What does it mean if your pee is black?

Black urine is a symptom of a rare metabolism disorder called alkaptonuira, or possible blood in the urine! See a doctor! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Audry Reply:

    They are usually referring to the smell of cat urine or cat feces, although some people refer to the smell of cat What Does it Mean When a Cat's Ears Smell? Source:

  2. Kayleigh Reply:

    You probably ripped a muscle in your thigh and the blood is exiting where you urinate.

  3. Lizabeth Reply:

    They don’t. Black cows give milk just like any "normal" cow does: through the udder. Source:

  4. Darlena Reply:

    Kidney failure Source:

  5. Eva Reply:

    If your pee is black you really need to see a doctor, because you can only this from having malaria, which is also known as Blackwater Fever. The black colour is due to the huge amount of death which has occurred in the blood cells, this us… Source:

  6. Dung Reply:

    Could you please answer when i pee i have a burning every 5 minutes yet it sensation ,b4 and after peeing .i feel i need to pee only comes out very little at a time.i have’nt

  7. Stephaine Reply:

    I think its like about their experiece and like sadness buthapiness i think if you want to memorize it you should see what certain parts you dont understand and like check the words in a dictionary!

  8. Teena Reply:

    What does black blood in your urine mean? period. What dose it mean when your pee is black? It means your a emo Forget about that answer, it's not true!If you

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