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What does Prozac make you feel like?

Prozac is indicated for the treatment of major depressive disorder! It makes you feel happy and normal! Thanks for asking ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Charla Reply:

    Antidepressants such as Prozac and Lexapro may be prescribed because of the Changing the way you look at and behave in certain circumstances can help situations like issues at work or school, but you can change the way you feel Source:

  2. Un Reply:

    Dec 10, 2004 We can help. It made me feel like a "nice person" after just a few days. . Prozac can do that to you sometimes, unfortunately my sleep is

  3. Amina Reply:

    It deoends on the person, some felt panic attacks, upset stomach, and tiredness.while others felt like they could think more clearly, concentrate on multiple projects at work, and have energy! Source:

  4. Liz Reply:

    You will feel as if you weren’t depressed. All Prozac does is deters you from going into a depressed state. Source:

  5. Beatriz Reply:

    There could be a couple reasons. Perhaps you are feeling something closer to stable for the first time in a while. Or maybe it’s not the right medicine for you–just don’t stop taking it without consulting with a mental health professional. Source:'t_i_feel_my_self_on_prozac

  6. Shanice Reply:

    Prozac alternative? I’ve taken Prozac for several months and now feel like a person I was before Prozac zombie.? I’m not the same depressed unstable, but now I feel emotionles

  7. Monique Reply:

    It alleviated some feelings of hesitation for me!!!after taking a couple, I was already badmouthing the doctor that I used to be so quiet to! You are not alone!

  8. Arianne Reply:

    What withdrawal symptoms do you get when you come off Fluoxetine 20mg . you won't feel any different and it does not harm you like alcohol and Prozac.

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