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What is a disorder that causes you to black out?

People who are prone to blacking out usually suffer from the psychological disorder Bipolar Disorder! Keep using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Eddie Reply:

    Fainting can also result in a loss of muscle tone that causes falling or slumping Fainting spells can be benign but may also be an indication of a larger disorder. During a blackout, you may be able to participate in events with no memory of Source:

  2. Delicia Reply:

    Well i did not have a ride to the docs for next day (you have to wear it 24 told you that an arrhythmia can cause you to pass out and they can not, I have a friend that has black outs and panic attacks that cause chest pain,

  3. Vera Reply:

    Eating disorders are caused both by environmental factors as well as genetic factors. People who come from families with a history of addiction are more likely to develop an eating disorder. At the same time, people who are pressured by the… Source:

  4. Jayna Reply:

    Bipolar Disorder is more common in people that have a family history. Problems with high stress and hormonal factors also play a factor. Look here for more information:… Source:

  5. Elizbeth Reply:

    The cause of bipolar disorder is not completely understood. It is believed that genetic and environmental factors play a part, as well as neurochemical factors. To find more information click here:….. Source:

  6. Vanita Reply:

    My boyfriend justtold me that he what that is and what has black rage disorder, I would like to know I can do, if anything to help him. I appreciate all answers. I havelooked

  7. Eleanor Reply:

    their bone marrow can no longer create blood vessels so theyre short of blood or they have no food to burn and they are EXTREMELY low on blood sugar!!!!their kidneys cant hold themselves up without the fatty tissue and their muscle literally start eating themselves for energy support when it gets extreme!!!!but a girl at my school had a case of anorexia and she could hardly support herself and from short of bloodloss she didnt have a period!!!!she was kicked out of athletics for not being able to take several steps without fainting and the Doc! said she was lucky to make it!!!she had no idea why she wanted to lose weight!!!!but now shes on a good diet and she looks better than shes ever had !!!so i guess thats one reason why your learning that so you dont learn the hard way!!!HOPE YOU GOT YOUR ANSWER!!!! = P~Brittany~P!s! that was 6 years ago

  8. Kera Reply:

    What causes you to blackout and breakout into a cold sweat? Improve septic and cardiogenic), general anxiety disorder, mononucleosis and tuberculosis.

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