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What is the cause of alexandria’s genesis?

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  1. Alfredia Reply:

    Apr 23, 2007 Alexandria’s Genesis is a disease that causes a violet/purple color of the eyes. Check. Most have black/dark brown hair. Check. No menstrual

  2. Tonita Reply:

    Too much sex

  3. Johnny Reply:

    It looks like it’s entirely fictional.… Edit Deenie, just because there is a lot written about it doesn’t make it any more real. There are seven volumes written about Harry Potter and still no one ha… Source:

  4. Wenona Reply:

    Too much sex Anonymous Source:

  5. Janita Reply:

    Characteristics of "Alexandria’s Genesis.": Clear, silver-like purple eyes (after 1st birthday; deepen in color until onset MORE Source:'s-genesis

  6. Cassidy Reply:

    is Alexandrias Genesis real ?? Well, in an Islamic way does in egypt a light flashed that make any sense. Is it true that once, and the people had purple eyes and white skin.

  7. Nisha Reply:

    Sounds a little vampire-ish to me!Honestly, I wouldnt read it if all it was was an unfortunate girls struggle with a real (or real) disease! I tend to read to escape real life, not to read could-be stories!If it were in the fantasy genre, with a little fairy dust, so to speak, thrown in, then yes, I might read it! For instance, does it make her immortal?? Or give her any weird powers?? Are there others like her?? Is it genetic, even, some sort of super-secret heritage?? Do people want to hunt her for any reason?? So they can study her, or because theyre the other group (think vamps vs weres)??If you havent already, I would read this:http://www!associatedcontent!com/article/610779/alexandrias_genesis_is_it_real_!html??cat=5I doubt that its particularly accurate if this disorder does exist, but it has some interesting story nuggets in it, like the Egyptian origin or the super-human bit!Actually, now that Ive read that article I would really like to read something like that!!!too bad Im not a writer, or I might do something with it myself! I love mythological tie-ins ^_^

  8. Karole Reply:

    The person who Alexandria's Genesis was supposedly named after was said to live to the age of 150 but this is impossible Which fungi causes athletes foot?

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