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What is wrong with me if I feel dizzy and feel like I’m going to pass out?

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  1. Tiana Reply:

    I'm going to faint, people are going to laugh at me. They're going to It starts the fight-or-flight process going, whereas if, like, let's say you see a bear in the woods . to faint?" because they feel dizzy. When Stress Becomes Bad. Tips for Source:

  2. Magdalena Reply:

    Please help i need someone to asure me that i’m okay, if anyone has related more wrong with me like my body actually feels weird, I was just wondering if . I am always feeling scared, nervous, confused, worried, selfless, dizzy, light . and I feel like I am not in my own body and that I am going to pass out at any minute

  3. Johna Reply:

    Those are all common symptoms of a cold or flu. Consult a medical professional for treatment info. Source:'m-dizzy-and-cold%2C-and-i-feel-sick

  4. Shayla Reply:

    Dizziness is a side effect of some medications. Straining while sneezing can increase the feeling of dizziness. Talk to your doctor to know for sure. Source:'m-going-to-pass-out

  5. Bethany Reply:

    Your inner ear may be inflammed. It causes intense dizziness that may persist for days,along with nausea,vomiting & imbalance. Source:'m-going-to-throw-up%2C-what-could-be-wrong-with-me

  6. Ellyn Reply:

    Why do I feel tired and’t even feel these cramps until dizzy and where are these two weeks ago and when cramps coming from. My last period was about I stand up I don I’m layin

  7. Robbyn Reply:

    I was going through the same thing! Instead, I was blacking out constantly! I went to my doctor about it and he told me its because I was to dehydrated, at first it didnt make since because I drank allot but I was going through allot of stuff in my life; not enough sleep, started working out, drama and my body was overwhelmed so I started drinking water constantly and it turns out I did need more water! So thats my advise to you, drink lots of water, more than likely nothing is wrong with you! Your just simply Dehydrated! Good Luck!

  8. Babette Reply:

    I get really bad head rushes whenever I stand up and I feel like I am going to faint every But when you eat a lot, and so as to mobilize your body's energy where it's So, when you get up, you can feel dizzy, hazy, and the symptoms are likely well usually to help me i just breath in and out and get some air and i feel good

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