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What makes your heart skip a beat?

Arrhythmias are disorders of the regular rhythmic beating of the heart that can cause it to skip a beat! About 2!2 million Americans are living with atrial fibrillation (one type of rhythm problem! They can range from very mild to extremely serious! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kaylee Reply:

    If you have noticed someone at church that makes your heart skip a beat, there is no harm in introducing yourself after the service or at a church function. Source:

  2. Alayna Reply:

    My clogged Artery.Literally.

  3. Dania Reply:

    When your heart skips a beat, it is called a heart palpitation. It is normally harmless if it occurs occasionally. There are symptoms and treatments you should be aware of when determining the causes of your heart skipping a beat. Source:

  4. Devon Reply:

    We all have our own natural pacemaker and when it’s stop working correctly, then that’s when we have to get a artificial pacemaker put in. Electrical pulses are sent from the pacemaker to the heart to give it a bit of a shock, so it will ke… Source:

  5. Liliana Reply:

    There are many different reasons why your heart would skip a beat. Your heart has an electrical current that runs through your heart to pump it, like a pace maker. If the electrical current does not send it fast enough or if it sends it to … Source:

  6. Ardith Reply:

    what makes my heart skip beats beats and then start to then start to beat rapidly my heart beating very clearly?, also why can I see? what makes my heart skip beat very rapidl

  7. Lavonia Reply:

    My heart doesnt flutter over those memories anymore! I used to, but not anymore! I have a wife now and weve been through so much over these years that I feel no fluttering with memories of my exes! I suppose there might be some skipped heartbeats if I thought about the months when my wife and I first met! Theres just so much stress now in day to day living between her job and just things around the house lately that right now I cant even transport my own memories right now back to that time! Sometimes the stress your partner puts you through can make it difficult to feel like sitting around getting all steamy over a memory! But I am sure my earliest moments with my wife are the heart-stopping memories, no doubt! Like the days when we were first getting to know each other and those times she walked into the room! Or the day when we first made love!!!! We still have an exciting sex life years after those days and we love each other!

  8. Delpha Reply:

    sneezing is simply and action of the lungs to remove something unwanted from your air ways. If indeed it did make your heart skip then when someone is having

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