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When you eat alot what does it mean (in terms of food)?

When eating a lot, it could be developing into an eating disorder! Those between 13 and 17 years old! This is a time of emotional and physical changes, academic pressures, and a greater degree of peer pressure! This can also be signs of depression! Any Suggestions here?


  1. I❤Christian/isaiah Reply:

    I feel stress almost everyday of my life. So, there’s a pretty good chance of this being true. Or you may have fast metabolism. It’s as if you are like a bear, getting ready to hibernate.

  2. Cambii Reply:

    It could be, because of stress. But, when you are able to eat large amounts of food, it might be you having very fast metabolism, which is good.If you have fast metabolism, you are able to break down and digest foods quicker. So, you could more without any problems, it’s like having more than 1 stomach.

  3. Sara R Rosario Reply:

    you are actually right. Recently, girls in my class tease and bully me. It really affected my concentration in class, and I began failing academically. Which made me depressed, because I sit alone in most of my classes. But, this also could be because I have really fast metabolism.

  4. Marti Reply:

    When you get the flu or food poisoning, you may experience a bout with diarrhea. When this You can have green stool if you eat a lot of green vegetables. These include What Does it Mean to Have Black Feces? Although it may Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the eHow Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Source:

  5. Cory Reply:

    You are better of spending your time and money on better food in general as mass. can you please tell me what does “eating a lot” really means( in terms of

  6. Karolyn Reply:

    Fatty foods Short Term Effects · You may gain weight · Break out in spots (teens :[) · Lack of energy · feeling run-down · feeling breathless · depression · Greasy skin Source:

  7. Danna Reply:

    I think id say baked beans!!…..=] Because they are good for you high in fibre and good if your watching your calories and fat…other than that id say fruit!… or simply get fat and eat anything ….. Source:

  8. Claudie Reply:

    If you’ve got great long term memory recall, but have trouble remembering something you’ve just seen or heard, you’ll benefit from remedies shown to sharpen your short term memory. Whether it’s a phone number, associate name or business you… Source:

  9. Violette Reply:

    Is it okay to eat alot of food if you’re doing alot of exercise? breakfast: special k with skim milk, banana lunch: cajun rice from churches chicken dinner: 4 breadsticks an

  10. Magda Reply:

    Completely normal for an aging Bearded dragon! It means he is developing new teeth! All lizards go through his stage! No need to worry! They should eventually fall out in a few weeks time – it just depends how long they have been developing for! It usually takes 1-1 and a half months for it to fully develop!

  11. Bryanna Reply:

    What does it mean when you eat alot of food in one day? Answer It! I accept the community guidelines, terms of use and privacy policy. I confirm that I am at

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