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Why does it feel like something is crawling in my hair?

You might have Bug Vectors; Imaginary insect or mite infestations!Delusions of parasitosis is a complex disorder that requires a multidisciplinary approach to treatment! Pimozide, an antipsychotic, appears to be the most effective agent! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Stephanie Reply:

    Help my scalp itchies

  2. Stephanie Reply:

    Hey I have dogs on my bed at night it feels like something is making my head itch

  3. Delma Reply:

    Eyelash disorders can include loss of eyelashes, irritation of the lid where control disorder that causes someone to have the urge to pull out their hair. you may feel like something is crawling around in your eyelashes), red eyes, crusting of the lashes, pain and decreased vision. How to Get Rid of My Ingrown Eyelash Source:

  4. Lawanda Reply:

    hair and face feel like something is crawling on me. Why does it feel like that there is something crawling on my head and face, but nothing

  5. Lynette Reply:

    I start flapping my arms around and scream " get it off me, get it fooking off me"….. off… Garlic cloves…LOVE garlic! Source:

  6. Teri Reply:

    I would go see your doctor. Source:

  7. Lesley Reply:

    When the flow of blood under that particular part is minimal then you might get such a feeling. A2: You might actually have something crawling under your skin. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take your skin to a doctor. There are a number of p… Source:

  8. Shantelle Reply:

    Does dandruff make your scalp feel like something is crawling in to where it actually feels your hair? like does the itching get like something is crawling in your hair? i kno

  9. Luba Reply:

    Have you ever seen a louse?? Theyre almost invisible and you will not see one on your brush unless youre totally infested! If youve been sitting somewhere public (like perhaps a movie theatre) and put your head on the seat back, or have really long hair that was in contact with it, or been anywhere else that has questionable cleanliness, you may indeed have a louse or two! Go to your local Walgreens and get some RID, follow the directions and set your mind at ease!Plus: Besides killing bugs, its an excellent quality shampoo!

  10. Carline Reply:

    Why does my face feel like bugs crawling under my skin? Improve maybe cause your hair i lifting off the surface of your skin causing it to allow air. What does it mean Why do you feel as if something is crawling under your skin? When the

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