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Why does it hurt when i open my jaw?

Joint pain can be caused by a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder! See a dentist or doctor to find out for sure! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sanjuanita Reply:

    How to Deal with TMJ – Jaw Pain. Ever have pain in your jaw? Do you ever hear a clicking noise when you open your mouth? Do you teeth hurt for no reason? Source:

  2. Mammie Reply:

    You know i am no any desist or anything but i have studied different fields in medical and i know that when it’s time to pull your wisdom teeth out, always take out 2 at one time and dentist most of the time would recommend you only take ou

  3. Vivienne Reply:

    Gravity plays a large part in opening the jaw, but there are muscles that help forcefully open your jaw. The most important of these is the digastric muscle, which connects from the mastoid process of the temporal bone to the hyoid bone, an… Source:

  4. Tova Reply:

    Answer You have temporo-mandibular joint disorders (TMD), probably caused from the way your teeth come together. It might be caused from the fact that your lower jaw is too back compared to the upper one. You might consult a dentist to exam… Source:

  5. Karren Reply:

    Your jaw can hurt for several reason, one being an abcessed tooth or even a case of lock jaw. If you are unsure, visit your doctor, they can tell you what is going on and if you need to see the dentist or now. Source:

  6. Jerica Reply:

    I got hit in the jaw when i ate I barely could eat because it hu bone, yesterday it hurt to chew hurts to open it really/open it but now it only wide? Yesterday it was so sore

  7. Darlene Reply:

    Sounds like TMJ! I have had it for years now, mine was caused by grinding my teeth when I sleep! You can tell if you have been grinding your teeth for a while if you look in a mirror and stick your tongue out – if your tongue has a wavy/scalloped edge chances are your grinding! It can also be caused by clenching your teeth due to chewing a lot of chewing gum, bad habits like chewing the end of a pencil, long term biting of your fingernails! I know someone who got it after having a tooth taken out!Ive a soft splint which is worn when sleeping and also get regular botox injections into the offending muscle – however the injections were a last resort as mine was pretty severe!

  8. Noriko Reply:

    No, it is not serious, but it sure can be a pain in the .jaw.Do you also yah this just happened to me and my dentist said to give it time and if it doesnt improve for a few hours then see a doctor Why does your head hurt when your jaw opens? It could be Why can't i open it open like a scripted page?

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