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Why does music make you sleepy?

Not all music should make you sleepy (if you can fall asleep listening to death metal you must have some sort of condition or disorder!) but the reason some music might make you sleepy is that it’s simply soothing and pleasant sounding to you! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Taisha Reply:

    Lack of sleep can lead to a myriad of problems, including trouble turn down the lights, play some soft music and avoid anything that may interrupt your sleep. You're more likely to feel sleepy if you get your body used to a specific routine. Source:

  2. Kristi Reply:

    Oliver Wallace was the composer for the 1958 animation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The running time is only 34 minutes. Source:

  3. Rana Reply:

    I’m Not Like That No More (2010) ( completed ) (musical artist: "Dirty Thoughts") Source:

  4. Mechelle Reply:

    Owen MD Source:

  5. Margurite Reply:

    if milk and sweet dream tea make me more sleepy for makes you sleepy will adding me more sleepy? if i add milk to milk to the tea make sweet dream tea will that when going to

  6. Takisha Reply:

    no it actually is calming but doesnt make me sleepyi listen to it to calm me down after i get mad

  7. Shenna Reply:

    Well, depending on the type of music, music can affect your sleep in a good way. soothing music can help you fall asleep easier, while noisy music like rock can

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