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How to Stain Pine

You may have similar questions as How To Stain Exterior Pine and How To Stain Pine Boards,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Stain Pine Siding. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Ponderosa Pine,too. Read more as following:

Choose the color of stain that you want on it. Put a decent amount of stain on a small area and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Rub vigerously to remove access stain.

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How to stain exterior pine?

1. Load the spray gun with stain according to manufacturer’s instructions and place on protective eye wear and gloves. 2. Hold the spray nozzle perpendicular to the pine surface and begin to spray, holding the nozzle 10 to 14 inches from the surface…. More »

How to stain pine boards?

1. Sand the pine boards until they are perfectly smooth and even. Use the corners of the sandpaper to sand down tiny imperfections, bumps and ridges until the entire surface area of the pine board is flat, smooth and even. 2. Wipe down the pine board… More »

How to stain pine siding?

1. Mix detergent into a bucket of hot water and clean the pine siding with the soapy water and a stiff scrub brush. The type of detergent used is not that important because you will be rinsing away all of the soap immediately after cleaning, but avoi… More »

How to stain pine cabinets?

1. Sand down any areas of your pine cabinets that have scratches or small dents. You want the wood to be smooth when you start the staining process. 2. Use a cotton cloth to apply a wood conditioner. You should leave the condition on for at least ten… More »

How to stain pine paneling?

1. Prepare the area by pulling furniture away from the wall and protecting the floor with a drop cloth. 2. Sand the paneling with a medium-fine sanding sponge, always working with the grain of the wood. Pay attention to scuffs and burn marks from the… More »

How to stain pine floorboards?

1. Sand the pine floorboards with 120 grit sandpaper. Sand the entire surface of the wood to enable the pine to accept stain evenly. Wipe the pine floorboards with a tack cloth to clean them of sawdust. 2. Sand the pine floorboards with 220 grit sand… More »

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  1. 3taya says:

    i’m trying to stain pine to match a walnut inlay in a red oak floor

  2. Leyla says:

    The stain was made from beer spilling on a pink streamer. I think the pink dye bled from the streamer and stained the floor. It’s a pretty huge reddish pink stain. Pine Sol was a failure. Any ideas?

  3. Abraam says:

    I stained my pine table top and forgot to wipe off the extra stain. Now it looks uneven and kind of shalac. what can I do at this point to fix before I apply the polyurethane to get it even and smooth?

  4. Evesykes says:

    I stained my pine table top and forgot to wipe off the extra stain. Now it looks uneven and kind of shalac. what can I do at this point to fix before I apply the polyurethane to get it even and smooth?

  5. Lauren Sciulli says:

    I’m about yo purchase a log home, and I wanna stain it dark brown..I was told that it was yellow pine logs..does anybody know if I can stain yellow pine logs?

  6. K Krazy says:

    I am working on a project where i put an oil stain on pine and it is still sticky even after 12 hours of letting it dry when the can said it only needs 6-8 hours to set. Is there any way to get it to not be sticky ?

  7. Love says:

    I’ve read that eucalyptus oil will work. Some creosote leaked out the chimney box onto stained pine and cedar wood.

  8. Ginger says:

    Prior to staining a pine dresser, what is the best method of removing the old stain? Chemical stripper, sanding or bleaching? I realize they all have their drawbacks but which would be the lesser of the 3 evils? Thanks.

  9. Mikebarr724 says:

    Is there a paint on matt black covering that I can use to cover red paint on a floor stained a pine colour?

  10. Bighos says:

    I want to strip the old stain from a pine dresser before I re-apply new stain. Do I use chemical stripper or sand or both? Thanks.

  11. Sophie:) says:

    Will this colour combination look terrible? Should I think about staining my pine furniture to a darker colour?

  12. Married With Children says:

    I”m staining new yellow pine stairs and want to get directions on how to do this.

  13. Ambers_ashes says:

    I want to stain it white. What are the best products to use to stain and strip it??


  14. Jackie says:

    I am going to be staining some pine timber pieces and want to highlight the grain. The overall stain color will be a light oak or baltic pine shade. I want to give the grain a blackish or redish tone. How do I achieve this? I have been told to rub boot polish on first? Any ideas?

  15. Supernova2013 says:


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