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How to Draw Human Legs

You may have such questions as How To Draw A Human Leg and How To Draw A Human Face,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Draw Humans. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Learn to Draw the Human Figure,too. Read more as following:

Are you trying to draw human legs? Well, the best way to do this is to look at your own legs and then sketch your picture based on them. Voila! Now look at your drawn legs!

How to draw a human leg?

Video Transcript. Hi, this is Elgin "Subwaysurfer" Bolling, your cartooning coach and today we are going to learn how to draw a human leg. The human that I'm going to teach you how to draw is a human baby. Here we go. When you're drawing legs, the li... More »

How to Draw the Human Face?

A good way to start is to draw your basic oval shape. Draw a grid on the face making it dark enough that you'll be able to see where you're going to place facial features but light enough to erase later. Draw an eye in two of the grid squares (one gr... More »

How to Draw Humans?

You can draw humans easily with the right tutorial! Decide on a body type for your human. From there you can choose the right online guide to suit your needs! Be sure to gather your paper, pencils and erasers before you begin! //','_blank')" > More »

How to Draw a Human Nose?

Drawing a human nose shouldn't be too hard, as you can be your own model. Looking at a mirror, practice drawing your own nose, working with shadows and angels, until you get it right. An even easier choice would be to trace an already printed picture... More »

How to draw a human figure?

1. Lose your fear of the blank page. If you don't expect perfection the first time around you will be less worried about making that first mark on the page. Decide what pose you want your figure in. I am going to start with a simple standing figure.... More »

How to draw the human body?

1. The length of your drawing's head can be used to find the proper placement of the rest of the parts. Take a look at the example illustration. Notice how if you were to stack 7 heads, it would equal the height of an adult male. 2. The average male... More »


  1. Logan Reply:

    It’s like whenever we see a person who is attractive, it’s hard to keep your eyes off of them. Whenever we see a group of the opposite sex, we pay more attention to the attractive ones. Why are we humans like that?

  2. Hamish Reply:

    As the question says, are they 1 and a half times bigger than the torso or what?
    How long can legs be (and their proportion to the entire body and torso (e.g. legs are 1.7 times longer than torso)) without looking out off proportion?
    How many heads make up the length of an average person?

  3. Tristan Reply:

    Everybody on my dad’s side is good at drawing, and arts and crafts. The only people in my family who are not good at drawing is my mother and my sister. My two older brothers and my dad are awesome when it comes to drawing, so why doesn’t my sister have the skill?

  4. Mark Zuckerberg Reply:

    I love reading manga…
    But, I want to be able to draw manga too.
    But, there’s one think I’d like to know.
    And that’s…:
    How long does it take to get good at manga drawing?!
    I’d love it if I could get an answer back!

  5. Poptart Reply:

    I was wondering how i could make human drawing more realist and less cartoony. I’m not a bad drawer, i have created a few master pieces, but when it comes to drawing realist people, animals, or objects, it sucks. Can some one help please?

  6. Heather White Reply:

    I need to draw some clothes from the 20’s and I want them to look as good as possible so I would like to learn how to draw those kinds of pictures…or at least see some examples.

  7. Lilsunshine Reply:

    I’ve lost the ability to draw! I really need to draw someone sitting down looking annoyed and somebody else pointing and laughing at them.. what are those skeleton thingy called..? Helppp!

  8. Loving~mu~amor Reply:

    I would like to know what the first human robot was called and when was it made. Thankyou.

  9. Tabitha Reply:

    So, I want to learn how to draw the human figure, but I have no access to a model (I’m a high school student). Is using photos of models a good idea? And do you have any tips for learning to draw the figure? Thanks!

  10. Nea Reply:

    I have begun to draw
    Now I need to know how the human body looks like in different positions like when kneeling, sitting with legs crossed and so, so I can improve my skills at drawing the human body
    Where can I find a big collection (good if free) of the human body placed in different positions?

  11. Asking Questions Reply:

    I don’t know how to get started with drawing realistic human figures. Do I have to learn something about anatomy? How would I go from there?

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