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What does Agate Look Like

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Agate is a type of quartz that is a very smooth mineral. It has veins of color through it that can be anywhere gray, red, black, or other colors.

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What do Agates Look Like?

Agates resemble dull looking potato-shaped rocks, if you don’t know what you’re looking for. They can be found in streams and lake shores. Once they’re polished they’re bright, beautiful gems. For more information look here: … More »

How are Agates Formed?

Most agates are formed from volcanic rock and sometimes can be found in metamorphic rock formations. They are formed like nodules from the rock and lava…. More »

What does jasper look like?

Jasper Hale from twilight has honey blond hair that is curly and gold eyes. He is the middle tallest out of all the Cullen brothers and is fairly well built. I like him!… More »

Where is Agate Found?

Agate can be found all around the world. Legend has it that agate was found in the river Achates. Agate usually appears in the cavities that have formed from the volcano. To find more information click here: … More »

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  1. Arrow7 says:

    My agate has rings of purple like a tree bark. There are translucent bands in between.

  2. Philbot says:

    I have recently taken my nephew on a few trips to look for agates or quartz crystals in northern Washington, unfortunatley we have returned empty handed on each trip. Any advise on where we should go looking?

  3. Jordan Clifton says:

    I live in Louisiana, and want to find a not common,but not rare rock. Can you please list a few names and i can go look up pictures and try to find it.

  4. Anny Pereyra says:

    It is about 6 inches around it is not a perfect shape it reminds me of an agate before it turns shiny.

  5. Beardedbaby1377 says:

    I’m kind of looking for bigger chunks more then I am small ones.

  6. Jamie says:

    I’m really interested in agate stones I want to start collecting them.

  7. Candyluvr says:

    I will be heading to MN this July and have heard that searching gravel pits can be the best source for finding Lake Superior Agates. I don’t have a clue though on which gravel pits I should even try to approach for permission. Can anyone provide me with a name and location to try? Thanks

  8. J says:

    found some rocks that look like agates in south LA.

  9. Sherry says:

    I’m looking for the Poynter Agate font series. I know that a lot of newspapers use it, and I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that I can find a free download. Any help would be appreciated!

  10. Rebecca<3 says:

    I have defenitions for meaning of rocks however, I don’t have the pictures, I’m looking for a brown rock or any similar description on what it means, for example the rock against “bad karma.” I want to know for a brown rock a friend of mine is wearing.

  11. Alesha says:

    I really want to go find my own rocks, such as geodes, agate, whatever. I don’t care how much it’s worth. Any ideas?

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