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What Makes Gold So Valuable

You may have similar questions as Why Is Gold Such a Valuable Mineral and Why Is Gold so Valuable to People,or you may also seek several useful information about What Makes Gold So Valuable. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Why Is Gold so Rare,too. Read more as following:

Gold is so valuable because it is a rare metal. Also gold cannot rust or tarnish in the most extreme environments other than other elements we use.

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Why is gold such a valuable mineral?

it is valuable because gold is easy to spot and it is so shiney that it makes people risk their lives just to get it…. More »

Why is Gold So Valuable?

Gold is considered valuable because people think its valuable. Its price is determined by a coalitions of factors rather than need. Its basically all about price and demand…. More »

What Makes Gold So Valuable?

The value of gold is rising because gold is a limited resource. The less that is available means the price of the gold is going to go up because of supply and demand…. More »

Why is gold so valuable?

Gold has been prized throughout history. Cultures ranging from the ancient Egyptians to the Chinese to the Native Americans valued it for its beauty and unique characteristics. Gold was so treasured that the pursuit of it led to human atrocities rang… More »

What makes the element gold so valuable to humans?

The fact that it is beautiful, shiny, untarnished and rare…. More »

Why is gold more valuable than copper or silver?

It si much rarer and harder to extract… More »

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  1. Dub says:

    What happend to the gold. Did cortes’s ship sink when he was returning home. Did too much gold set the Spanish economy into a collapse and make gold less valuable?

  2. Lastevia says:

    Why is Gold a valuable commodity? Its not like we need it to heat homes, make cars run, operate computers, or travel in outer space. So why is it worth anything?

  3. Saiyamara says:

    I have several pieces of flatware that has anywhere from 18k to 22k gold rimming them and I want to know if it can be recovered from the plates as the price of gold now makes the gold trim more valuable the the plates.

  4. Chrombutterfly says:

    When and how they started to become used as currency?
    I don;t found them valuable. Aren’t they just stone or mineral?

  5. Randi says:

    A study shows that using all the gold that has ever been mined and by melting all this there would be enough to make four Gold wedding rings for each person living on the planet. So why is gold still that expensive?

  6. Wrx says:

    a. regulation of railroad express and sleeping car business
    b. removal of the gold standard for currency once for all
    c. creation of a goverment run central banking system
    d. raising of tariffs on precious metals making domestic gold more valuable

  7. Departings says:

    You hear about countries basing their wealth and prosperity on gold and diamonds. Well, what qualities and characteristics of the two make them so valuable? Thanks.

  8. Jumper! says:

    I am a level 12 warrior with 15 gold. I have made it from signing charters. People giving it to me for free and killing kobold miners. But I feel i want more gold. Any tips for how a level 12 can make 100′s of gold in a short period of time?

  9. Jet says:

    a.regulation of railroad express and sleeping car businesses.
    b.removal of the gold standard for currency once and for all.
    c.creation of a government run central banking system.
    d.raising of tariffs on precious metals making domestic gold more valuable.

  10. Ali says:

    I was making cake so i decided to take my gold very valuable rings off. when I turn around i see only one ring in my 2 year-old golden retrievers mouth. she swallowed the other one. as i said before its very valuable. how can i get it back?

  11. Sweetie says:

    Is not gold only valuable because of the artificial social emphasis placed on it?
    Mr. Dexter, the same could be said of dirt, no?

  12. Heather Raspern says:

    Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is. What makes it so expensive? The fact that its pretty? Come on. really

  13. Lala Lala says:

    Ok, I just got level 60, so I want to get the Journeyman Riding Skill. But I only have about 60 gold. I need 480g plus 80g for the mount. I have Skinning and Leatherworking if that helps. Please help me. I NEED money.

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