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How is Peridot Formed

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Peridot is formed deep within the Earth under tremendous heat and pressure. Peridot is found in rocks created by volcanoes and even in meteors that fall to the earth.

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Where is Peridot Found?

Most of todays peridot is found in Arizona. Native Americans who live and work on the San Carlos Reservation mine it by hand. Peridot can also be found in China and Burma…. More »

What is Peridot Used for?

Peridot is the birthstone for August and is used in jewelry. It has been designated as a symbol (or a gift) for the 16th anniversary. Peridot is known to be associated with relaxation and is supposed to protect a wearer from negativity. You can find… More »

How a peridot forms?

Peridots form from olivine during a crystallization sequence in igneous rocks caused by high temperatures and pressure. Gravity settles the small peridot crystals in dunite, a rock mainly composed of olivine, or in peridotite, a rock that contains py… More »

How is Peridot Mined?

Most of the peridots are mined here in the United States, in Arizona, by Native Americans. Peridots are a pretty lime color and they are the birthstone of the astrological sun sign Leo. … More »

How is peridot formed?

Peridot form in magma from the upper mantle (20 to 55 miles deep), and are brought to the surface by tectonic or volcanic activity where they are found in extrusive igneous rocks…. More »

How does peridot form?

by its streak color luster and density… More »

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  1. Katie Girl says:

    I need to find how the following 12 birthstones are used:

  2. Vmoney says:

    i have a checkerboard chinese stone over 6 carats with gas/air bubbles. want to knwo if it si genuine? valuable?

  3. Hooch says:

    and what is the birthstone, birth flower for it too?

  4. Adgjm says:

    Green Alexandrite or tanzanite
    or jadeite untreated
    green garnet I really hate emerald

  5. Jared says:

    but which have completely different physical characteristics

  6. Trace says:

    I’ve heard that different gemstones and crystals are worn and used for different purposes. For example, they can effect your mood or luck?It has something to do with chakras? Or anyone heard of gemstones healing somebody? Anyway it was interesting…just wondering if anybody had any ideas?

  7. Heather White says:

    list as many as you can please.

  8. Evesykes says:

    for a science project, its rock

  9. Marybeth says:

    but i read on wikipedia that it isnt? and that its actually a very soft stone? i wanted an engagement ring with tanzenite… but is it too soft? why was it being touted as a diamond?

  10. Kndredspirits says:

    So if I could put a rock under an extreme amount of pressure would it become a gemstone?

  11. Mstut243 says:

    I need help.Pics would be great

  12. Lelybell. says:

    thanks a lot

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