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What Crops are Grown in Kansas

You may have similar questions as What Crops Are Grown In Kansas and What Main Crops Are Grown In Kansas,or you may also seek several useful information about What Is The Main Crop Grown In Kansas. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Kansas Road Maps,too. Read more as following:

Since Kansas is a farming state, the majority of crops grown there are grown for livestock uses. The main crops are grains like wheat, sorgham, corn, and sunflowers.

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What Crops are grown in kansas?

corn, wheat, sorghum…. More »

What main crops are grown in kansas?

Wheat, corn, milo (also known as sorghum) soy beans, sunflowers. Thanks for asking!… More »

What is the main crop grown in kansas?

Farm Crops question: What main crops are grown in kansas? Wheat, corn, milo ( a…… More »

What Crops are Grown in Mexico?

Corn is a staple in Mexico and is a main crop. Other crops include beans, barley, and fruits such as oranges, apples, grapes, tangerines, grapefruit, and raisins…. More »

What crops are grown in Italy?

Wheat, Maize, rice, vineyards; so grapes, apples, peaches, sugar beet, tomatoes, mushrooms, truffles, wild strawberries, raspberries, chestnut and hazel… More »

What Crops are Grown in China?

Crops grown in China include wheat, corn, soybeans, and of course rice. Rice is the main crop grown mainly in Southern portion of China along the Yangtze River…. More »

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  1. Budgie Babe says:

    I’m doing a study of crops grown in Haskell County, Kansas and need the section numbers in reltion to townships and ranges.

  2. Ewan says:

    I’m writing a story about a family on a farm during July of 1974, and I need to know what sort of crops would be found on their farm. Does anyone know?

  3. M.m.p says:

    Thanks. This is very specific but I have to cook from my state, Kansas, and it will be in the classroom for about 4 hours. There will be about 20 to 40 kids in there for the day. Anything on the cheaper side would be great. Thank you guys! :)

  4. Dido Too says:

    I need to know if avocados will grow in my outdoor garden in Kansas. If they will grow, then when do I plant them and how long will it take to harvest the first crop? Also does anyone know where I can purchase plants or seeds? I would prefer the plants.

  5. Xavior-su says:

    I live near Kansas CIty, MO and i have decided that i wanna start a garden in my backyard, a big one, capable of feeding me, my family, and maybe some random little critters.

    The thing is, i dont know which crops to plant, and which protective species i need to plant along side those, if needed.

  6. Lily The Flower says:

    If this summer is going to be anything like last summer, there will be multiple 108 degree days. I was planning on planting my mother a garden this year, and was wondering what vegetables will be the best to plant around here. Thanks!

  7. Wessbro says:

    how many african slaves lived in this region or when, why moved there too? if know? how they lived and when, how has St. Louis grown since? and why?

    anything can explain appreciated.

  8. Nikki says:

    I was wondering where the grain is grown that goes into cheerios.

  9. Gemma says:

    I was watching something on the History Channel about the dust bowl and how everyone was going through hardships and their crops were dying.

    Why couldnt they prevent it and how long did it last? What states was it in?

    Why couldn’t they pave the place?

  10. Omg Dogs Rock says:

    Our climate is about the same as, say, Kansas. Four real seasons. Typical cash crop is wheat here but we can’t afford that kind of acreage. Please no crops that need irrigation.

  11. Cassandra says:

    What are the different kinds of grapes that you can grow to make wine? Plus what kinds of grapes would be the best to grow in arkansas?

  12. Frenchie The Fry says:

    I am doing a project and need to know a little bit about the effects of this railroad on the settlers. Please only serious answers?

  13. Sassy says:

    I need to know the social causes of the civil war for my test!! Does anyone know what they are.
    - not war involved or anything like that just social strictly social. I know Uncle Tom’s Cabin is one of the social causes though.

  14. Gemma says:

    i would like to know 1) how is waterd with what kind water. is it from a lake, and if yes, is it a salt water. 2) is is gorwn by chamicals?

  15. Aforcednotation says:


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